Adidas Original Stan Smith Trainers “Geology Pack”

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Written By Karen

With my birthday coming up this week, my hubby and kids have been asking what to buy me, and top of my list was a pair of these fantastic Adidas Original Stan Smith Trainers.

I’ve seen so many women walking around in them, mixing and matching them with jeans, skirts and dresses alike. I knew I wanted a pair.

So I had a browse around the web and tried some pairs on in some of the high street stores and decided that these Stan Smith “Geology Pack” Adidas Trainers were the ones for me.

Stan Smith Adidas Ladies TrainerNot cheap, compared to my usual footwear, but I have found that as I’ve grown older, my feet need that extra loving care and comfort, which is sometimes missing with some footwear ranges. The old saying of “get what you pay for” is certainly the case when it comes to shoes etc.

Funnily enough, I’ve always ensured that the children have well fitted shoes and don’t begrudge paying that bit extra for a good sturdy pair of shoes for them which is made from quality leather.

In the past though, when it came to me, I’d always go for the more cheaper versions so I could afford more than one pair (not one of my best ideas)!

However, I started to find that my feet are beginning to suffer, so before they get too bad, I made the decision to opt for better fitting shoes and if that means spending a bit extra and not having as many pair of ill-fitting shoes then so be it! In reality, the better quality footwear the longer they last and better care for my feet.

Back to these Adidas Original Stan Smith Trainers, I loved the fact that although they are completely white, the back panel of night indigo swirls with Adidas logo and Stan Smith wording finishes them off simply and superbly, which is just what I wanted from a pair of trainer shoes.

Having worn these trainers a few times, I honestly feel like I’m going out in my slippers, they are so comfy. So far I’ve only worn them with my jeans and hoodies, but I’ve loved wearing them.

I’m looking forward to teaming them with various other separates in the next few weeks, when we can hopefully say goodbye to some of these persistent rainy days!