Adidas Pace VS Mens Trainers

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Written By Karen

Following on from my recent blog about my son’s new tops and jeans, I’d almost forgotten to tell you about the Adidas trainer shoes we got him last year.

We’d bought him some navy blue canvas trainers for the Summer, which were great, but as Summer drew to a close and Autumn started kicking in with quite a bit of rain, my son had to make do with wearing his old smelly, grubby astro trainers, until we got down to the sports shop.

So a few days later, we headed down to Sports Direct (on a dry day!) and had a look at what was available in his size.

He’d seen some pairs online and luckily they were in store for him to try on. Thankfully he did, as he’s feet had gone up a whole size to a Mens size 11!!

My son is also quite heavy footed so he needs a really sturdy pair of shoes, or they just won’t last long.

Adidas TrainerHe chose these black leather Adidas Pace VS Mens Trainers with a white cuffed sole. Good choice I thought!

The other two pairs in the photo were new astro trainers and football boots, they weren’t planned buys either, but as I said earlier his feet had grown.

These Adidas Nemeziz 17.4 FG Mens Football Boots and Adidas Ace 17.4 Mens Astro Turf Trainers do exactly what they say on the box, so I won’t bore you with their details 😉

He has worn these trainers on numerous occasions, whether it’s to watch our beloved football team, going out with his mates or just general everyday use. So far he has not complained of aching feet, which in itself is a great result.

It’s fab to see how he’s changing his image, knowing what he likes and what suits him, and although it may be costing me a lot more to dress him these days, I think it’s a treat to see him growing up so confidently.

He loves matching his shoes with his new jeans and tops and his smart lightweight navy blue Tog24 Zenon down hooded jacket. Such an amazing transformation and he really is looking like quite the smart new young man.