ColorWow Hair Care Products

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Written By Karen

As I was scrolling through my Instagram account last month, I noticed a lot of social media hype regarding a hair product company called ColorWow.  They are a company that specialises in newly formulated treatments for coloured hair care and have a range of treatments and products available to suit everyone.

Some of the treatments I read about included specialist shampoo and conditioners, Dream Coat, which is an anti-frizz hair treatment and a no-mess Root Cover Up mineral powder to name but a few.

 What got me hooked was when I tried their Get In Shape – 2 in 1 Working Hairspray.  I was not disappointed, even after the first few uses, the condition of my hair improved and also my hairstyle held its shape for longer after blow drying and using my straighteners.

The 150ml bottle has a pump effect top to evenly spread the gel spray throughout your hair, especially the ends.  It’s a bit pricey with the RRP price being £19.50, but I have to admit, it’s worth it.  I only need a little so this bottle is going to last a while, so it’s a great investment for keeping my hair style in shape.

I started following ColorWow Hair on Instagram (@colorwowhair) and signed up for their emails, as I was interested in what other products were available.  I was also curious to see what Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton had to say about the use of these products, especially as he’s just launched his first hair product Money Masque Treatment with ColorWow.

Not only do ColorWow have many great discount offers via email, they’re very active on other social media platforms, including many videos on TikTok, which are worth a look, to gain some valuable hair hacks and styling information.

Recently, ColorWow had an amazing prize draw giveaway on Instagram to win up to £300 worth of Color Wow products and also prizes from the British based company – Hair Choice Extensions.

I thought “if you’re not in it you won’t win it” and entered the competition, not thinking for one minute that I’d be the lucky recipient of such an amazing prize.  So imagine my surprise when I had an email to say that I’d won this luxurious giveaway.  I was utterly ecstatic!! 

ColorWow Shampoo Conditioner

When my big box of goodies arrived a week later I was like a child on Christmas morning. I’ve listed the products below for you to see how many fantastic treatments I received :-

Color Security Shampoo – £19.50
Color Security Conditioner  – £19.50
Dream Coat Kale Infused instantly strengthens and reduces breakage – £24.00
Dream Coat Coconut Infused instantly defrizzes smooths and silkens – £24.00
Dream Coat Carb Infused instantly thickens and adds volume – £24.00
Dream Filter Pre Shampoo for picture perfect color – £26.00
Dream Coat Supernatural Spray for amazing humidity proofing powers – £26.00
Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer – £23.00
Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray – £26.00
Money masque for super glossy hair – £39.50

I’ve used the pre shampoo, shampoo and conditioner a few times and they’ve already smoothed out my frizz. Also, my hair feels more thoroughly conditioned after each wash.  All of these products have a soft fresh fragrance which adds to the whole indulgent feel of them. 

These products are 100% clean, which gives them the extra unique residue free feeling after you’ve used the shampoo and conditioner.  I’m no expert in hair care products, but I do know that this helps unblock hair follicles which may otherwise lead to hair thinning and hair loss. 

Other exciting reasons to choose ColorWow products are they contain no sulfate, no silicones no conditioning agents, no parabens and are cruelty and gluten free.  A definite plus to any hair care products in my opinion.

The hair care products are designed to help prevent colour fade which again is great plus for anyone who colours their hair regularly, like me.  

I was curious to see if the Extra Mist-ical spray was any good and yesterday I  added a squirt or two to my newly styled hair and found it did add a touch of glossy shine, which is yet another bonus as I suffer from dull, dry and sometimes flat hair.  

Dream Cocktail Coconut Infused Tonic

I’m really looking forward to trying the Dream Cocktail range of products as I feel now I’m in my 50’s, I need all the help I can get to help preserve the strength and condition of my hair.  Plus I absolutely love the smell of this collection especially the coconut infused Dream Cocktail tonic.

I’m hoping the Money Masque will add yet another higher level of gloss to my hair, as I previously stated above, I do suffer with dull and dry looking locks, and I’m certainly grateful for any assistance to enhance my hair colour and style.

So I would like to say thank you to Color Wow for this amazing prize. I’m really going to enjoy testing out the rest of my prize winning products in the near future.