ComSaf Wax Melt Burners Essential Oil Burner Set

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Written By Karen

I recently received some gorgeously scented Yankee Candle wax melts, but realised I didn’t own a holder in order to use them, so I went online to look for one!

I was amazed at the multitude of colours, sizes, shapes, patterns and themes of holders available.  However, I was looking for something quite simple and opted for these ComSaf essential oil ceramic burners from Amazon.

ComSaf Essential Oil Burners Twin Set

The company that manufacture these wax melt holders are called Solutions-UK and although they are a Chinese company, Amazon fulfil the order, which is something I ensure when ordering from a foreign based companies, so that in the event of any problems, getting a replacement or refund is straightforward.

These items were well made with two sweet designs, well packaged and were delivered unblemished.

ComSaf Essential Oil Burner Flower pattern

The oil burners are sold as a twin pack for £18.99 with one having a flower cut out design and the other a star pattern.

The dimensions of both holders are 9.8 x 9.8 x 11.5 centimetres, with a deep dish on the top to hold either the wax melt or other essential oils.

ComSaf Essential Oil Burner dish

An opening at the rear of the holder for placing the tea light in has its own spoon like holder and looks like a toy frying pan.

This spoon makes it easier and safer to place the tea light in and out of the holder and no more risk of burning fingers on warm candle flames or their metal surrounds when you are trying to retrieve the tea light.

ComSaf Essential Oil Burners with spoon

I found the wax melts smell beautiful for about 4-6 hours.  The holders look lovely during the daylight but the true effect comes into being during the evening when the lights are low.  The cut out patterns surrounding the holders cast a charming warm glow around the room.

ComSaf Essential Oil Burner Star patten

I am so pleased to have found these ComSaf essential oil burners and was even more impressed by their price tag and quality. I love it when I find an amazing decorative ornament at a very good price.

I’ve been hinting to my hubby that I may also like some of the other decorate ornaments from ComSaf and am hoping he’ll take the hint in time for Valentine’s Day!