Crackle Nails

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Written By Karen

If you are a polishaholic then this crackle polish is a great trend for you and is definitely having its moment. It creates a shattered effect as it dries on your nails.

The crackle or crackling effect is always applied on top of a coloured nail polish, so it shows up interesting effects. Made to actually crack after application, these interesting nail colour decorations will have you craving the antique ruins look.

Black and Silver Crackle Nails

The most beautiful combinations are always bold contrast colours, so for example Gold – Black Crackle or Orange – Red Crackle and so on!

Although this effect would take hours to do by a nail professional at a salon, with the new Barry M Cosmetics crackle nail polish it can be achieved in a few simple steps.

Firstly, you pick your base colour and polish for your nails and once that coat has dried you then apply a lighter coat of the crackle polish and watch it dry into the distinctive shatter effect. You can also create a different effect by brushing sideways or at an angle.

The polish will create a different crackled design on each nail, giving you the most unique and ultimate manicure.

To complete the look, use a top coat to add a little extra shine.

If you want to create more glamorous looking nails for a night out then why not try the crackle glaze metals. How about using different base colours to create a really bold sparkly look.

Metal crackles are now available in more than just gold and silver, take a look at the lilac, aqua or platinum crackles. These really look spectacular and will certainly compliment any party outfit.

So whatever the party why not try joining the trend and choose your nail polish from a crackle glaze metals collection.