Debenhams Beauty Club Rewards Card

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Written By Karen

If you follow me on Instagram (@familyfashionuk) then you will have noticed that I have on occasion posted photos of various make up items and perfumes that are generously given as free samples at Debenhams.

This is because about 2 years ago I joined their beauty rewards scheme. I was buying my usual Clinique make up and skin care products and the lovely Clinique assistant asked me if I had a “Beauty Club Rewards Card” – which I didn’t.

This is a free points card with some added extras, so I completed some details like my name, email address and date of birth etc and she gave me my rewards card.

Debenhams Beauty Rewards Card

Because I was now a member of this rewards scheme the Clinique assistant was also able to give me two freebies along with my purchase.

Plus I was given points on my beauty card from my purchase and told that when I reach the magic 500 points, I’ll get a £5 voucher on my card to be used against ANY purchase from the beauty range at Debenhams. This includes make up, skin care and fragrance, as well as any beauty services or beauty electricals in store and online.

So it’s win win all around, if you enjoy buying your beauty products from Debenhams that is.

However, about 6 months ago I happened to be looking online for some eye shadow colour ideas and saw that there was an actual link to a My Beauty Club Community page. I just had to type in my email address and a secure password and I was part of the community club page.

On the main title page there is a choice of different groups to join, follow or partake in. I love heading over to The Blog and the Join The Chat pages as there is so much information regarding all sorts of beauty products and related facts.

Not only are there lots of details of up and coming beauty products to check through, there is also a group chat room where if you have a beauty related problem, you can ask away and not only do the beauty experts reply, but also the other members of the forum will join in and try and help too.

What I really love about this website is the fact that everyone wants to help and encourage you as an individual no matter who, what or where you are from. It has such a lovely, friendly vibe to it and being someone who works from home and doesn’t have that same outlet of communication as you might have in a work environment, it is a real pleasure to be included.

I guess the other benefit of having a Debenhams Beauty Club rewards card is the fact that if you are lucky enough to have a Debenhams store nearby they occasionally have free sample gifts to be picked up at store.

Only problem with that is that my local department is about 10 miles away and I don’t tend to go into the city that often, opting for more out of town stores to shop at.

So I don’t always get the chance to pick up these samples, and there are limited levels of freebies for each store, so they do run out fast.

But when I am lucky enough to pick up the sample gift, like I was last week, then it is a small but happy pleasure.

Chanel Beauty Samples
No purchase is necessary, I just showed my beauty reward card at the Chanel counter and I received my 5ml sample bottle of Gabrielle Essence eau de parfum, which is one Chanel’s new perfumes. It has a soft sweet floral feminine scent which is perfect for everyday.

Also there was a new Chanel miniature mascara called Le Volume Stretch which was only launched on 6th March. I find it funny that the new patented 3D-printed brush is as big as the holder!

I have not been blessed with long lashes, so any help is gratefully received and this style of brush certainly does exactly what is says on the tube. My lashes seemed to lengthen and stretch to a decent length and a big plus was that the mascara did not run or smudge throughout the day!

I know this mascara is around £5 more than my usual Clinique mascara but judging by the impact it had on my lashes and how long lasting it was, it might be time for a change.

Also, when you complete your online details to be part of the Beauty Club, make sure you pop in your date of birth, as Debenhams have been known to offer discounts on various beauty treatments or a free complimentary make-over.

The only downside to having the rewards card is that you obviously have to purchase beauty items from Debenhams, who are not always the cheapest option. But if like me, you do, then it is worth getting some extra benefits along the way with this card.

Debenhams have been giving out a splurge of goodies over the past months and there is another one starting on Friday, 13th March. So I’m hoping I get the chance to go to town this weekend and managed to pick up the “Benefit Hoola Bronzer”, which is the free sample this time. I’ve actually previously purchased this bronzer so now how amazing it is for the adding colour and a healthy glow to your face.

If nothing else it’s worth getting a Debenhams My Beauty Club Rewards Card if you shop at Debenhams, even occasionally, for the free gifts, as who doesn’t like a freebie.

Although for me, as well as enjoying the benefits of the free samples, I actually enjoy being part of the chat room and finding out information about make up and skin care ranges as they change so rapidly.

Hope you’ll enjoy being a part of the My Beauty Club Community as I am !!