Designer Leather Tote Bags

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Written By Karen

Orange Leather Tote BagWell here I am (in my early forties!) and I finally have my first designer handbag.

Why has it taken me so long? Well I don’t know why really, but what I do know is that my new and gorgeous designer tote bag from VOW London was definitely worth the wait!

Like a child I excitedly waited for the parcel to arrive and when it did (very quickly I hasten to add) it felt like my birthday!

Carefully, I opened the box and was met with a well packaged parcel, guaranteeing that no damage was done to the contents. As I gently lifted my bag out, the first thing that struck me was the vibrancy of the main colour of firecracker orange, which mixed fantastically with the black and cream front central outer pocket to give me a stunning and highly on trend colour block tote bag to adore.

The soft luxe leather texture together with the beautiful coloured lining, also made it practical and an extremely stylish handbag, which had been well made ensuring it was durable and made to last, so felt that I had invested in a great accessory piece.

The Ipcress orange leather tote bag is quite large, which is fab as I easily fit all of my daily essential girly pieces inside without a squeeze. Things like my mobile phone, purse, make up bag, etc fit in nicely with plenty of room to spare.

The bag features an internal zip pocket and two internal slot pockets opposite with a sturdy gold zipped top fastening which features the unique VOW London clasp fastening on the front pocket to add an extra twist of elegance and chic style.

Ipcress Orange Leather Tote BagAs I work from home, it would be a pointless task for me to take my bag to the “office”. However, the next seminar/workshop I attend – with other like minded female fashion bloggers – my bag will certainly get a showing as a staple part of my outfit!

Today I chose to take my tote on it’s first shopping trip with the girls. With twin handles held tightly, I excitedly met my friends in the city centre to show off my impressive new designer accessory and it was greeted with a unanimous “Wow that looks gorgeous” comment.

As I proudly walked through the shops with my new tote bag in hand, a shop assistant actually asked me where I’d got my bag from! I was pleased to tell her about the new and exciting VOW London accessories brand I’d found online.

VOW LondonConsidering this is there first instalment of bespoke designer handbags, they are sure to have a fantastic impact on the fashion accessories stage and have certainly made an impact on my accessory wardrobe.

This bag will compliment any outfit beautifully, giving us ladies a chic and stylishly fashionable look. So thank you VOW London, you have converted me into a lover of designer handbags, which just may become an expensive hobby!

I’m glad I chose to share my little handbag secret with you so you can also enjoy shopping for a new leather handbag yourself. So take a look at the fantastic range of VOW London handbags – I know you won’t be disappointed!