Everlast Sensei Run Mens Trainers

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Written By Karen

It looks like Summer has arrived and it caught me slightly off guard in respect of a lightweight pair of shoes for my 13 year old son, who has not only outgrown his decent trainers but also his converse shoes.

A quick dash to Sports Direct to save his embarrassment of having to wear heavy brown leather skechers in the sun ensued. Otherwise his usual sweaty feet would be even sweatier than usual, and that’s really not nice!

Everlast Sensei TrainersAfter an initial discussion on why he should buy mesh instead of suede trainers, we managed to agree on a pair of smart navy blue breathable trainers, which look fab with jeans and denim shorts.

The pair he preferred were these Everlast Sensei Run mens trainers , which were half price in the sale.

He is quite heavy on foot and shoes/trainers don’t last that long, especially as his feet have grown from a mens size 9 to a size 11 in less than 6 months, so offers like this are fantastic for his ever changing and growing body.

Everlast Sensei Trainer 2The trainer shoes have a fully covered breathable mesh upper with a prominent white synthetic rubber heel and sole.

This not only gives my son complete comfort throughout the Summer, but also looking quite the cool dude – thankfully he isn’t quite into the designer brands yet, although the hints have begun to start since we went shopping!!

If you do like your brand names then Sports Direct also stock a great choice of similar trainers, just like these Adidas Cloud Foam Trainer in a cool black and white mix with the added honeycomb patterned breathable mesh upper and cloud foam midsole for extreme comfort and freshness.

Adidas Cloudfoam TrainerThese trainer shoes are again a sleek looking pair of casual shoe and feature an understated black 3-stripe detailing on the side, making it clear what brand they are.

I find that Adidas are a good fit for a wider foot which is ideal for my son’s shape and size foot.

Another great thing about these trainer shoes is they double up as sports footwear, if needs be, a win win all around.

Obviously the branded trainer/shoes do come at a considerably higher cost than my son’s simple Everlast Sensei Run trainers.

But I guess it’s up to you whether you get value for money and plenty of use out of the footwear as well as deciding on how much you want to spend on a pair!

With us as my son’s feet seem to grow so fast, buying the Everlast Sensei trainers makes sense.

I’m hoping his feet stop growing soon, or he’ll look like “coco the clown” with his big feet!!

Once his feet settle down and stop growing, I won’t begrudge paying a bit extra for designer brands, if that’s what he wants!

So far, the 3 or 4 times my son has had the occasion to wear his Everlast Sensei Run trainers for the day, his feet have remained cool and comfortable which is all I can ask for – no complaints of hot, sweaty feet and so far odourless – but I guess that won’t last forever!!