Garmin Vivofit 3 Watch Review

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Written By Karen

Having decided to kick start an exercise regime in September, in preparation to slim down and tone up in time for the Christmas party season, I decided that I needed a device to keep track of my activities, or lack of them, which would also motivate me to keep on exercising.

garmin vivofit 3 watch

In the past, I have always used my hubby’s rather chunky Garmin 205 Forerunner watch and although it was a great watch, it was rather bulky for my narrow wrist. Plus, it was on his body weight and height settings, which are a bit more than my own!!

I have read alot about the fitbit watch, which was quite impressive, but knowing how the Garmin worked, I was quite happy to check out how the Vivofit 3 compared to it.

Having checked all the pros and cons of both watches I opted for the Garmin Vivofit 3 watch at a cost of £89.99.

The simplicity of the Garmin watch ensures it was easy to read and sync with my mobile phone, this also means I can keep a daily check on how I’m doing and more importantly how I can improve.

The watch comes with the standard black soft plastic strap with a twisted lock mechanism. The face of the watch is a 1x2cm black square screen and sensor module button which is certainly compact.

The Garmin Vivofit 3 automatically changes to your desired training programme, so whether you are running, swimming, walking or cycling to name but a few, the watch registers it to the correct activity log.

garmin vivofit 3 straps

The button lets you move through 6 mini screens, i.e. time, calendar, steps taken and remaining, calories and activity movement log. It also features an activity bar which beeps after inactivity for an hour and every 15 minutes thereafter up to two hours.

It gives me the motivation to get up and move around, and walk the school run twice a day, as then I know I will reach my step target goal. It’s just under a mile each way to school and so the beeping doesn’t kick in 🙂

On the first screen that displays the time, you can also change it to add in a step counter bar, so you can see your progress as the day goes on.

On the look of the Garmin watch the interchangeable straps by designer Jonathan Adler add a lovely variation to your look.

garmin vivofit 3 straps green and blue

I chose the purple swirl and grey swirl capri design twin pack, but I do like the green circles and blue aztec Bali straps as well.

These straps come in pairs and are only £29.99 so quite good value for money, a great way to change your accessories look.

I know this Vivofit 3 watch is not the be all and end all of my fitness, but it is a fantastic way to monitor my exercise levels. I have noticed since wearing the Garmin watch, I am more aware of how I lacked moving around from hour to hour, getting lost in writing my blog during the day and staying sat in one position all day long!!

So, if you are looking for something to help kickstart any kind of exercise regime, opt for one of these Garmin Vivofit 3 watches and see how your attitude changes to getting out and about and training – as you don’t want the watch to beep at you for being sedentary for too long – when that happens to me I feel like it’s beating me, and I don’t like being beaten by a piece of electronics.