Hats galore

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Written By Karen

How can we be stylish and stay warm at the same time this winter. Well, one way is to look at the many varied styles, shapes and colours of hats available this year.

Womens hats are made with both warmth and stylish chic in mind this winter. They are being worn more than ever before, not only for functional reasons (protection from the elements), but womens hats are to some sophisticated, and to others hip.

Whatever you are looking for hats are fun to wear for just about everyone. Choose among the most popular styles in hats for women that include women’s beanie hats, trapper hats, pilot hats, newsboy caps, and more.

But be careful, not all hats suit every face shape. So try the different styles and colours around before buying. I’m lucky that I can wear a baker boy, beanie and trapper hat without too much embarrassment, but put me in a cloche and I look like an extra from Downton Abbey!

So thankfully this winter, not only can we keep warm, but we can team our winter coats with a variety of hat warming stylish headwear. Also, for that extra added cosy feeling this season, team your hat with the array of scarves and gloves available.

You really can enjoy those lovely winter walks all snuggled up in your new accessories. But with the British weather as it is, you might just need one more essential accessory – the umbrella!