Izabel Multi Coloured Blouse

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Written By Karen

I’d been looking to get into the floral clothing trend for a while but didn’t know quite where to start, as I’m normally in plain or striped clothing.

But when I saw this gorgeous floral and patterned Izabel London top on sale in Debenhams, I thought I’d try it on and see how I felt.

Multi-Colour-Neck-Tie-TopHere you can see that I was happy enough wearing it, so I went ahead and bought it 🙂

The three main things that stand out on this exquisite blouse for me are the delicate floral patterns and colours throughout, the lovely light feel to the fabric and the finishing touch of the chocker neckline.

The brilliant thing with this versatile blouse is that it can be worn day or night. I’ve worn it out for a meal with the hubby and also for a shopping trip.

As it’s such a lightweight fabric, I have popped a small white vest top underneath, which is hidden, so even in chilly weather I can still wear my top.

As for the other great advantage of this top – it’s not fitted, so for someone who suffers from occasional bloated stomach (this mid forty lark has a few downfalls!) this top is ideal.

I’ve worn this top with jeans and tailored black trousers and it looked equally gorgeous both times – even if I do say so myself! 😉

Unfortunately, my top has now sold out, but Izabel London at Debenhams has a great collection of varying shapes, patterns and styles to choose from.

I’m really enjoying trying new patterned and floral pieces, it makes a lovely change from my usual simplistic plain tees. It has certainly opened my eyes to another dimension to add to my capsule wardrobe.