Les Tropeziennes Par M.Belarbi Hapax Leather Sandal

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Written By Karen

With the promise of a heatwave for the next 10 days, I began my hunt last week for a pair of flat leather sandals.

Unfortunately my old faithful animal print pair from Marks and Spencer finally gave up on me!! I’d walk for miles in them and my feet never ached, they were like popping on a pair of comfy slippers – my feet’s “best friends” 😉

However, I couldn’t find the equivalent (as it’s been a few years since I’d bought them), so I started my hunt for comfy sandals.

Many pairs were tried and discarded, either the leather was too hard, not enough support around the ankle or heel – making my foot slide out of them or not quite the right shape for my foot.

Finally, I went online and checked out what La Redoute had to offer, although I’d never bought any footwear from them, I was reading a lot of great reviews about various pairs I’d taking a fancy to.

Les Tropeziennes Par M.Belarbi Hapax Leather SandalI ended up ordering two different pairs from the Les Tropeziennes par m.belarbi collection. One was the Hapax flat heel strappy leather sandal and the other was a metallic grey Belinda strappy sandal.

I ordered both pairs in a size 39 and 40 as it states online that a 39 is for a 5.5 uk size whilst a 40 is designed for a 6.5 uk size – I’m in between being a size 6 uk!

I also opted for the free click and collect delivery with My Hermes at a local parcel shop store.  Within the week the four pairs of sandals had arrived, all I had to do was pop to the local grocery store, show them my text message and sign for them, so easy!

When I first opened the boxes I was surprised to find a free canvas shopping bag laid neatly on top of the tissue paper, so that was a nice little added gift I hadn’t expected.

As I tried the sandals on, I knew straight away that the size 40 (6.5UK) were too wide for the front of my foot. The length was a bit long, but I would have been alright in them, unfortunately, my foot kept slipping forward in the size 40 so they were going back.

I just had to hope that the size 39 (5.5uk) wouldn’t be too small or tight!! Luckily for me they both fitted fine, but with the Belinda pair, the buckled strap kept slipping down at the back and my foot kept sliding from side to side, even falling off the back of the sandal as I was walking around the house, so they were a big NO NO for me.

My last attempt out of the four pairs I’d ordered were the Les Tropeziennes Par M.Belarbi Hapax Leather pair and I’m pleased to say they fitted perfectly, were comfortable and although they are leather, they were soft enough to wear straight away without pain.

The only downside to these gorgeous sandals is that I found I kept getting two circular indentations on both feet. I was a bit baffled at first, but then on closer inspection I noticed that the gold Les Tropeziennes plate that sits on one of the straps has two flat studs on the underside of one of the straps to hold it in place, hence the indentations – thankfully they didn’t hurt and I didn’t even know it had happened until I took them off.

As it happens, these sandals were my first choice pair as I love animal print on footwear. These sandals also have a snake print, beige and black strap, so they mix well with various pieces from my summer wardrobe.

The way the ankle strap crosses over at the front and attaches at the sides ensures that my foot does not slip out at the sides.

These sandals are not cheap but neither are they expensive and I was lucky enough to have ordered them when there was a 40% sale on shoes in La Redoute.

Plus, I didn’t pay for delivery and because I was taking the other pairs of sandals back to the parcel shop store, the returns were free as well. I was really happy with how the payment system worked like clockwork too, hassle free all around.

All in all, I definitely had a great experience with my first order at La Redoute, which of course can be a gamble with online shopping sites when you haven’t used them before and don’t know what to expect.

Only problem I have is they have so many gorgeous pieces of clothing and footwear that it’s hard NOT to add a few extra items ready for the Spring/Summer season.