Lightweight Packaway Navy Metallic Jacket

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Written By Karen

I’ve been on the look out for a lightweight packaway jacket for some time but could never quite find ‘the one’.

I was looking around Next and wondered if they had their Christmas jumper range out yet. Yes I’m a bit early for that, but there is only 71 days until Christmas Day 😉

Thankfully, I noticed a two-tone navy blue fabric hooded jacket in Next. (shown on this link in green)

From the moment I tried it on, the size 14 fit and feel of the jacket was perfect! It is made in a lightweight fabric with sorona dupont wadding and my jacket (which came from the Next high street store) comes in a gorgeous metallic navy blue shade.

Unfortunately, only the green and brown shades are shown online, but maybe they will add to their online collection as the season goes on. Next have a fantastic range of long, short, hooded jackets of varying shades.

I love the longer length of this jacket as it actually covers my backside, so when it rains, I only have to worry about my legs getting wet and not my derriere.

The metallic two tone look of this jacket and the fact that you can roll it small and pack it away in the handy little fabric holder (which comes with the jacket) is a fantastic idea.

This jacket is great for light showers and keeping you warm, but it is not waterproof. it is not too badly priced either at £50.

It keeps me warm enough on the afternoon school run, walking or shopping trip when I’ve needed something to take the chill away and no bulk like my gorgeous metallic grey parka.

Should this jacket get reduced in a Next sale I would definitely be happy to buy it in a different shade like the green colour. Hint Hint, Next 😉

Definitely a versatile and easy everyday wear jacket to look out for.