Mens Tees and Hooded Tops

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Written By Karen

I never thought the day would arrive but finally my 14 year old son has become interested in fashion and “How he looks”.

I got him to look at some tops, tees and hoodies and these are the three he’s chosen – so far!

Firstly, he picked this LA California white embossed t-shirt from Next.  A great addition for the summer especially with jeans or shorts.

Mens TeesThe cotton tee features a printed photo of Californian palm trees and beach with cream lettering across the front panel.

He also picked out a lightweight polyester tee from M&M Direct. The designer top is from Closure London collection and is a splatter fade tee in khaki and white camouflage.

At first I was a bit sceptical of the “camo” look, but I have to admit that when he put this top on, it really did suit him.

Also because this top is made from 100% polyester, it’s lightweight and airy and easy to wash with no ironing. Result! 😉

We also noticed that some of his hoodies were beginning to get a bit short and he ordered this grey marl lightweight hoody, which looks fab on him, so that was another purchase.

Mens Grey HoodyThis hoody is made from a soft rich cotton, with a drawstring hood and kangaroo pouch pocket.

The irony of my son being so fussy with how clothes now feel and look is not lost on me! Six months ago he would’ve worn whatever came to hand first out of his wardrobe, didn’t matter what the colour or pattern was, now it’s very different. 🙂

He also had to have a new winter jacket and leather style trainer shoes to see him through season and these blogs will follow on soon!

I can see why parent say teenagers cost a fortune!!