Muru Jewellery – Silver and Rose Gold Moon Necklaces

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Written By Karen

Earlier this year, my daughter asked for an everyday necklace as a gift for her 13th Birthday.  

She knew she wanted a plain silver chain with a small charm and so our search commenced.  I looked online at various jewellery websites, but the pieces were either too sparkly or the charms too big.  That is until we came across the Muru Jewellery company who are based in London

Personalised Sterling Silver Moon Necklace

Muru Silver Moon Necklace

My daughter really liked the look of the personalised sterling silver crescent moon necklace especially as she could have the initial letter of her name engraved on the moon.  It was also an advantage that the chain was available in many varying sizes.

This simple unassuming yet elegant necklace has a pendant which measures 11mm x 13mm and lies flat against her skin, just as she wanted it.  The necklace has an adjustable 16”-18” plain sterling silver chain, with two separate catches for the clasp to attach to, a clever way of giving you an alternative choice of length depending on the neckline of what you are wearing.   It’s also a super reasonably priced piece of jewellery and costs just £38, which includes the engraving.  

Muru Silver Moon Necklace in a Presentation Box

Additionally, this necklace is available in gold plated vermeil with various chain lengths available from the 16-18” adjustable chain to the 18”, 20” and 26” length chains.

Muru Jewellery states that the moon necklace symbolises female empowerment.  Making it a great choice for us to celebrate our daughter and inspire her of the importance of being a strong woman. 

Rose Gold Moon and Star Necklace

Muru Rose Gold Necklace

After purchasing my daughter’s necklace, I realised what a beautiful piece of jewellery it was and decided to have a look for myself.  I had been searching for an everyday rose gold necklace for some time.

I shortlisted my favourite pieces, although I have to admit I liked most of them, and finally opted to buy the 18ct rose gold plated vermeil moon and star necklace,at a cost of £105.

This necklace has a slightly larger moon pendant than my daughter’s silver one, and sits at 21mm with the separate semi precious topaz star charm measuring 12mm x 12mm. As stated before the moon symbolises empowerment to women whilst the tiny topaz inset star represents hope, reminding us to be a shining light in the darkness towards others.

I opted for the plain rose gold plated chain which is 18” long and has a solid yet delicate fastening clasp. Although again this necklace is also available in sterling silver and gold plated vermeil and comes in various styles of chain and lengths as mentioned above.

The two pieces of Muru jewellery we’ve purchased so far, really feel like a special treat to have, especially with the personalised initial for my daughter’s first necklace.  

Muru Rose Gold Moon Star Necklace

I have to mention the beautifully packaged and luxury styled jewellery boxes that our necklaces arrived in.  The strong cream box opens with a draw that is lined with a soft deep purple velvet covering to lay the jewellery pieces on top securely.  Additionally, there is a sweet meaning card enclosed giving you Muru’s inspiration behind each design.

Muru offer many other pieces of jewellery from bracelets, anklets  to rings and earrings and have various well-being categories to choose from, which range from Health and Happiness, Life and Vitality, to Mother and Child to name just a few. 

Another advantage for these stunning pieces of jewellery I believe, is that they are quite unique in design.  They are beautifully made in many gorgeous designs with spectacular special features.   

If you are thinking of Christmas, Birthday or friendship gifts, the added bonus of how carefully packaged these items are especially with the added personal touches, like a little handwritten note as a gift card, not a pre-printed card simply makes it all the more personal and special.

And if you thought that wasn’t enough, the delivery is free over £50!  Personally, I can also vouch that they delivered both of these necklaces on separate occasions within 5 days and they were so carefully packaged that everything within was kept immaculate.  

So if you are looking for something special and want all the bells and whistles to go with it then Muru Jewellery is the perfect choice.