NEQI Reusable Face Masks Review

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Written By Karen

As a family we were able to work and complete schoolwork from home during the national lockdown which started back in March 2020 in Wales.

We had originally purchased a box of 50 disposable 3 ply face masks for us all, but those aren’t going to last long as the children are back at school and college.

With the September term commencing for both my children at their respective education premises, we knew they’d have to follow the strict guidelines issued by the Welsh government for Secondary Schools.

I looked for reusable 3 ply face masks, as the children will need to wear them in the communal areas of school and college, as well as it being mandatory to wear facemasks on public transport and in public places.

NEQI reusable face masks pack of three

Following the Welsh government’s outlines regarding the minimum protection needed when wearing a face mask, I bought these NEQI reusable 3 ply face masks from

NEQI Reusable 3 ply Face Masks – Pack of 3

NEQI reusable face mask 3 layer

These reusable fabric face masks are available in packs of 3 and retail at £15.00 at Boots and are also available at  Ocado.  They feature 3 layer protection and are made from a breathable material of 53% polyester, 45% cotton and 2% spandex.

I chose the black face masks for the children, but they’re also available in pink for adults and navy blue for children.

NEQI reusable face mask 3 layer - outside

NEQI reusable face mask 3 layer - inside

We measured their faces from the top of their noses to chins as required and found they both measured 12.5cm.  This initially caused a bit of a dilemma as the sizes of these reusable face masks are as follows: –

Children ages 6-10 – 12cm from top of nose to chin
S/M – 14cm from top of nose to chin
L – 15.5cm from top of nose to chin

I ordered the S/M size which fitted my son perfectly but were slightly loose around my daughter’s face and kept slipping down her nose when she spoke.

Consequently, I sewed part of both ear loops to tighten the fit of the face mask, which thankfully worked.

A downfall to wearing a facemask with glasses is they sometimes steam up your spectacles.

NEQI reusable face mask

Both my children, like me, wear prescription glasses, therefore, we had to find a way to prevent misty lenses.  We ended up moving the mask up about 1cm over the nose, so it sat under the nose grip and this has stopped any steamy lenses.

Also these face masks are machine washable, making it easier to ensure they are clean, together with less waste being thrown away, like we have to do with the disposable masks.

Within the space of 3 weeks since the children returned to school and college, there are more worrying times ahead due to the increased positive cases of Covid-19 rising rapidly again.

Scarily, there have been a few localised lockdown in Wales over the past couple of weeks, but we are hoping they won’t venture into our county.

Such anxious times still ahead, but I do believe if we all listen and follow the Welsh Government’s guidelines correctly, we can, each and every one of us help to reduce the risks of spreading this infection and illness to ourselves as well as to others.

Please stay safe and let’s continue to help each other fight this deadly virus.