New Balance Women’s 520v6 Running Shoes Review

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Written By Karen

After many walks over the past few months, it was time for my old trainers to be replaced with a brand new pair.  I decided to try and take full advantage of the many offers available during what seemed like a week of Black Friday deals.

Even after my extensive search of the many online offers, I ended up ordering these New Balance 520v6 running shoes from Amazon.

New Balance Women’s 520v6 Running Shoes

New Balance 520v6 Running Shoes

I’ve worn New Balance trainers for the past decade as I know they fit the shape of my foot perfectly. They are extremely comfortable to wear from the offset, reasonably priced, look great and are very durable yet lightweight.

What I’ve found with New Balance running trainers is, it doesn’t matter if I’m taking a leisurely walk, jogging or cycling, they are an awesome pair of trainers for each activity.

However, before purchasing these trainers, I read many reviews which all stated the same thing, the footwear came up on the small side.  Although, I’m normally a size 6 I was happy to find that by ordering the size 6.5 instead the trainers fitted well.

Variety of Colours

New Balance 520v6 Running Shoes Women's

I opted for the black with white trim 520v6 running trainers. They look really stylish considering they’re a running shoe and I’ve worn them with a pair of jeans for a short walk.

There are many other colours to choose from if you fancy something brighter than my black and white trainers.

Other colours available are light blue, bright pink, light grey and a pale lilac, with some of these running shoes featuring contrasting inners, laces or trims. There’s certainly something to suit everyone.

Cushioning and Support

The cushioning on these 520v6 running trainers is moderate but with enough padding underfoot to provide a decent amount of support and they are very lightweight.

From the first time I wore them, they felt like I’d been wearing them for years, without the usual bedding in time around the house, as is normal with some footwear.

Another plus for me was the leather capped toe, which again offers more support when walking/jogging.  It’s my personal preference as I find the capped toe supports my foot better. Unfortunately not many brands of running shoes/trainers offer this as I found a lot of exercise footwear is usually completely covered in mesh.

NHS Couch to 5K Training Programme

New Balance 520v6 Women's Running Shoes

Before this week, I hadn’t jogged for many years, but with these ultra-comfortable New Balance 520v6 running trainers, I decided it was time to start a running plan. I wanted to take things slowly, due to a hip problem and pinched nerves in my toes, so I chose the NHS couch to 5k programme, which is ideal for me.

The NHS programme provides a detailed outline of how to proceed with their couch to 5k programme, even stating what injuries to watch out for.  I found this very insightful.

Togged up in my New Balance running shoes, I started the 5k running programme this week and  found the trainers extremely sturdy and supportive, especially as I run on pavements and canal paths. Also, the solid toe cap has helped prevent any aggravation to my pinched nerves.

I would love to be able to run a 5k before I hit my BIG 50 in the Spring of next year!! I’m really looking forward to continuing my running journey to hit the 5k especially as these running shoes seem to be helping me achieve that in such comfort.

I’m so happy with these New Balance 520v6 running shoes, I guess that’s why I keep returning to the same brand as I know they are a great fit for me and my feet.