New mannish brogues for women

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Written By Karen

Women have decided to be infinitely more stylish and equally comfortable this season with the new geek chic brogues. A classic look with a twist, whether you opt for the flats or heeled version, both look fabulous.

Brogues come in a array of heel heights and the colours and styles vary, some colours are taken from the great British countryside with a rustic colour palette from mossy green to burnt orange. Also available are the classic look, from black patent, fringed to metallic.

Womens brogues

With the brogue, not only do you get a proper pair of shoes, but shoes that become more comfortable as time goes on. In fact the style is so popular this autumn that for a limited time only Marks and Spencer are offering 50% off selected brogues for women.

The mannish trend in sales of brogues, has also seen sales of small size men’s shirts and cardigans, as women seek the authentic ‘boyfriend’ outfit. Working women are also opting for trouser suits and the brogue ideally compliments this.

Although I think it all started back in the 1920s, with Marlene Dietrich. She was the woman responsible for most things mannish on the catwalk, as she wore tuxedos, cut her hair short and wore a dapper pair of brogues.

And now we have Alexa Chung, US MTV presenter, who is rarely seen in anything with a heel, instead she pairs her flat brogues with short skirts, cardigans and bare legs. Just goes to prove that the footwear can be feminine, too.

So if you fancy a change from boots or hi-top trainers, why not try the cool and classy Brogue, whether it’s bright and bold or classic, this is the look this season.