Nike Hypervenom X Football Boots and Astro Turfs

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Written By Karen

As I had started dreaming of lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings, thinking that the football season was drawing to a close for a few months, my daughter’s football team decided to enter around 6-8 tournaments over the coming 3 months!

Of course my daughter is thrilled! I suppose watching her and her team play football in the sun instead of rain, wind and mud is advantageous.

Anyhow, the reason I mention this is because last month she informed me that not only were her astro turf trainers getting too tight but also her football boots too.

Nike Hypervenom Astro Turf TrainersIt was another trip down to Sports Direct to see what we could find in her adult size 5 foot (as previously mentioned my soon to be 9 year daughter has long feet!)

Thankfully she’s quite the conscientious child, and she had researched what football boots and astro turf trainers she liked, so at least we had a starting point.

She tried a few pairs of astro turf trainers on and really liked the Nike Hypervenom Phelon pair. A bonus for us as they were last seasons design (she didn’t like the new design) and so we had quite a saving, with the trainers only costing £24.99 (this season’s pair are almost £45!)

She absolutely loved the fact that they were a bold luminous yellow with a snake green and black pattern around the heel of the boot. I think as she’s been playing all season in an all black kit, she wanted to jazz things up a bit. These astro turf trainers certainly did that!

The rubber bobbles at the base of the trainers have just enough grip for her to play indoors or on a 3G pitch alike. She has always chosen Nike as they seem to fit her slim yet long foot comfortably. And when you are kicking a hard football around for almost an hour or so at a time, protecting the feet, with proper trainers is an extremely important factor.

Hypervenom Football BootsAs for the football boots, well after having tried quite a few different pairs on, which to my eyes, looked the same apart from the price and colour, she decided to stick with exactly the same pair as her astro turfs! She couldn’t find anything that she liked better than the Nike Hypervenom Phade firm ground football boot.

The only difference between the two pairs is, the base of the football boot which has vibrant blue rubber studs instead of the black rubber bobbles.

Nike Hypervenom Football Boots studsIt nearly caused a disaster the other day, as in my haste to get her kit together, I picked up her boots instead of astro trainers, (they were right next to each other on the foot stand!) but she spotted the difference before we left the house and a quick boot bag change and the problem was sorted.

She’s worn both pairs, boots for the past 3 games and astro turfs for the many training sessions she undertaken, and I haven’t heard her complain once. Her feet have a bit more room to move around in both pairs now, as the thickness of the football socks and her ankle guard shin pads determine how much space she has in her footwear.

So now we are ready for all the tournaments and friendly matches that are lined up throughout the next 3 months.

Now all my 8 year old has to worry about on the pitch is how she’s going to tackle her opponent or where to cross the next ball in from the right wing! Happy days.