Older Boys Duvet Covers

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Written By Karen

Back in September when my son started comprehensive school, I had already seen a noticable change in his attitude towards the way he looks and what he wears, this now also included “kids stuff” in his bedroom.

So clothes and hairstyle were quickly addressed with some new pieces in his wardrobe and a funky hairstyle. Next was trying to agree on what changes were needed to his ‘personal space’ – the bedroom.

Toys and games were either given to his younger sister, put in the attic, given to our local charity shops or passed on to younger cousins.

After the clear out and tidy up, it was time to choose some new bedding and curtains. So I took him grudgingly to Debenhams to have a look around, knowing how fussy he had become, it was the easier option.

Home Collection Duvet CoverHe chose plain navy blue curtains, which is great as he won’t “get bored” of them and then he decided on this American navy stars and stripes bedding. The two matched perfectly and fitted in well with his existing bedroom colour scheme too.

Luckily for us I’d also had an email from Debenhams giving me 20% of homeware and bedding – just in time for this major change!!

The reversible single duvet cover and pillow case were reduced to £32.00, which is a bargain to keep my boy happy.

The other duvet cover he chose had a pop of jazzy pattern on one side with bold stripes on the other. Again, a great reversible duvet cover to put on his bed whilst the stars and stripes cover has a wash. This Home Collection basics blue ‘Jackson stripe’ duvet cover is a great 2nd choice piece.

Home Collection Jackson Stripe Duvet CoverBoth duvet cover sets come from The Home Collection range at Debenhams, and I must say for the price, they are both made from a good quality cotton and look just like the photo shown online.

My 20% offer was for online use only, and when I checked Debenhams website I easily found both duvet sets, unfortunately the reviews weren’t great as they stated that colours were dull after one wash, and the fit was not great.

But my son was adament that those were the “only two” he liked, so I did order them and happily can report that I found both sets brilliant, washing well, keeping their colour and soft texture perfectly.

I especially liked the fact that they have a button fastening not studs as a closure, as my son is rather like a restless orangutan during the night.

The state of his duvet in the morning is beyond, with stud fastenings opening in the night and his duvet only half filling the cover, thankfully button fastenings seem to have solved that problem.

So my son is now more than happy to relax in his trendy new bedroom! It’s amazing how a few simple transformations in a room can make a world of difference, although I must admit even I knew it was time for a change from his beloved dinosaur theme covers and curtains. 🙂