Older Girls Denim Jeggings

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Written By Karen

My 9 year daughter’s legs seem to have suddenly grown again, and her once 10-11 year denim jeggings from Bluezoo at Debenhams have now become shorter than ankle grazers! This was not a problem in the summer as they looked fab and trendy, but as Autumn is here, she won’t be able to get away with it much longer.

Bluezoo Indigo Jeggings

She’s quite a fussy dresser and is most comfortable when she’s wearing football gear, so getting her to wear jeans, trousers or dresses, is pretty impossible.

She loves her jeggings though and so having tried a few different pairs on in various high street stores, we’ve ended up with exactly the same 3 pairs of jeggings from Bluezoo at Debenhams, just in the age bracket of 13-14 yr old.

They are a little bit big on the waistline and stomach area and slightly long in the leg, not by much though and the rate she’s growing, I just hope they see her through Winter!

We opted to get two pairs of the indigo coloured jeggings and one pair of the dark wash jeggings.

The funny thing is, and I don’t know if it’s something to do with the type of dye they use, but the dark wash pair aren’t as stretchy as the indigo pairs. Hence why my daughter will probably opt to wear the indigo pair more often!

Dark Wash JeggingsThe jeggings are made up from a supersoft mix of fabrics, which consists of 81% cotton, 18% polyester and 1% elastane.

The fact they are elasticated at the waist, so that she just needs to pull them up and down with no fiddly buttons or zips is a major plus in her eyes as well.

Rear Dark Wash JeggingsIf you are thinking of buying a pair of these jeggings, I would definitely say to size up, as although they are a generous fit around the waist and stomach area, the length of the leg could be a little longer in comparison to the age range, in my opinion.

Either way, they are comfortable, easy to wash and iron well, keeping their shape – not like your everyday leggings.

My daughter is more than happy with here 3 new pairs of super stretchy denim jeggings for the Winter, especially when she starts wearing her knee high boots, as the jeggings don’t wrinkle up in them at all!

Now I just need to drag her out of her football kit and trainers!