Oral B Clean Maximiser Brush Heads Review

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Written By Karen

I recently received an Oral-B starter kit which included two free Clean Maximiser brush heads and a sensitivity and calm toothpaste from SuperSavvyMe to review.

As we have not been able to visit our dentist for the past 12 months or so due to the pandemic, making sure that I look after mine and my family’s teeth has been extremely important to us.  So when I was given the chance to use their new Clean Maximiser brush heads with my electric Oral B toothbrushes, it was a great opportunity to see if they could actually live up to the hype!

I’m so glad because after just one week of using these items, my teeth have had the best deep, thorough clean as well as protecting my sensitive teeth at home in a long time.

Oral B Starter Kit
I can already see a difference as my teeth feel squeaky clean, like the feeling I get after being to the hygienist at my dentist.  This brush head seems to be able to reach all those places my old toothbrush head couldn’t, yet still being gentle on my sensitive teeth.

Another bonus of these brush heads is the bristles fade from green to yellow to prompt you to change your brush head approximately every 3 months, something I am guilty of forgetting to do.

Oral B Clean Maximiser Brush Heads

I have a few small gaps in between my teeth where foods like sesame seeds and apple skin sometimes get wedged in, but the clean maximiser brush head cleans them all away leaving my mouth feeling fresh and free of any previously lodged food.

These brush heads aren’t expensive either, Amazon are selling the Oral B Clean Maximiser brush heads for around £20 for a pack of 6, at the time of writing.  So definitely worth investing in.  I will be, so that my family can also benefit from the deep cleansing these brush heads can provide for their teeth.

I will also be continuing to use the Oral-B sensitivity and calm toothpaste provided as my teeth are already reaping the benefits.

I would like to say thank you to both SuperSavvyMe and Oral-B for gifting me this starter pack to review.  It has definitely changed the way I will carry on protecting my teeth and remembering to change my toothbrush heads on a regular basis.