Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Tops

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Written By Karen

Having had a good clear out of my “well worn pieces”, some of the items now missing from my wardrobe were long sleeved casual tops.

I wasn’t looking for anything too expensive as most of the winter I’m in chunky jumpers to keep warm. But I do like to layer up and a long sleeve top is the perfect base layer.

So I popped into my local H&M as I had previously bought a couple of t-shirts and cardigans from them and they have kept their shape and colour well after many a wash.

Long Sleeved Jersey TopI came across some organic cotton long sleeved tops, in varying colours and patterns and all for the princely price of £7.99! Fabulitious

I tried on the medium size and was very impressed with the length of the top and sleeves.

I also liked the rounded neckline which sat perfectly in line with my collarbone, making these tops lie neatly under my v-neck jumpers.

The tops have a warm snug feel to them due to the make of fabric and with them being designed in a slim fit they sit comfortably on the body under a loose or fitted jumper.

Firstly, I bought the off white and charcoal grey stripe and also a grey marl top, as I thought these neutral tones would mix and match easily and I also wanted to make sure that they washed well, kept their shape and no colour fading, etc.

I was not disappointed as I have worn these tops over the past couple of months and they look as good as new and have kept me so warm throughout the winter months.

Red Long Sleeved Jersey TopSo last week I popped back to H&M hoping that these tops were still in stock and was lucky enough to pick up a pastel green marl and a navy blue marl top from the Conscious organic cotton collection.

I wanted this red one but they didn’t have any mediums left, but I have found a red stripe long sleeve top at Marks & Spencers, which fits perfectly.

I’m also looking forward to the weather warming up so that I can pair these tops with my coloured jeggings and gilets for a fresh spring look.

There are about seven different colours in this collection, some with stripes and I am tempted to buy them all as they are such great ‘go to’ pieces for layering up.

I can only emphasise that these “cheap” tops look great, keep their shape well and most importantly to me, keep me warm.

They are a great purchase with the added bonus of having an affordable price tag!!