Pandora Charms Snake Bracelet

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Written By Karen

I have been collecting charms for my Pandora silver snake bracelet for the past 6 years, slowly and steadily adding charms that luckily for my family have kindly bought for me on birthdays and Christmas.

My latest Pandora charms were bought by my children for my 50th birthday.  They gave me two rose gold charms, one was the Openwork Star Constellations Charm and the other was a Sparkling Entwined Heart Charm.


Pandora Charms Bracelet

Openwork Star Constellations Charm

The openwork star constellation charm is such a delicate sphere style 14k rose gold-plated unique metal blend charm features openwork criss cross wires with sweet miniature cubic zirconia stones dotted around it to look like small stars.

I absolutely adore the galaxy-themed design mimicking the formation of tiny stars in space. The tiny stones seem to glisten and catch the light beautifully when I wear my bracelet.

This charm sits neatly on my bracelet and blends well with the other charms that I have gathered over the years.

The cost of this gorgeous rose gold charm is £45 and for the work that has gone into this piece I certainly think it’s worth it.

Sparkling Entwined Heart

As you may notice from the photograph, I do love a pretty heart charm.  I didn’t have a rose gold heart charm and gave a very big hint to the children that this sparkling entwined heart was one I really wanted to add to my bracelet.

I loved the intricacies of the woven lines around the charm, which look like mini hearts in a celtic knot design, together with the double heart feature.

There is a plain rose gold band surrounded by a larger heart that is adorned with tiny cubic zirconia stones on both sides.  So not only does this gorgeous charm sparkle in the light but is full of lovely heart features.

I love the way that all three heart charms that I have connect with eachother, even though they are made from different metals including silver and gold.

The price of this stunning charm is £55.00, and with all the fine detail and beautiful sparkling stones it’s a really dazzling addition to my bracelet.

There are not many spaces left on my bracelet and I’m looking forward to having a completed charm bracelet by Christmas as I’ve already spotted another 3 or 4 charms that I’d like.

So if you might be thinking of starting to collect an heirloom piece for your child or simply for yourself a Pandora bracelet is the perfect gift.  Since I started collecting my charms, Pandora have introduced more styles of bracelets and metals.

So there are certainly some beautiful pieces of jewellery to suit everyone, young or old at Pandora.