Snap by Belinda Bauer Book Review

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Written By Karen

Recently, I wrote a couple of book reviews, and found that it infused my desire to go back to reading books rather than magazines. I guess with busy lives, children and work, it’s been easier to “flick” through magazine pages recently, but I still believe you can’t beat reading a good book!

So I gave myself a challenge to take 30 mins out of my lunchtime to sit and read a book and I found that not only did I feel relaxed going back to my laptop but also felt that I’d actually had some “me time” on MY lunch break.

Snap by Belinda Bauer

One of the books I read was “Snap by Belinda Bauer which is her latest crime book and was published in May 2018. I hadn’t read any previous books by this author, but had spotted it on the “Good Reads” website.

I’m glad I did as this was an intriguing read. It certainly makes you think that one bad choice can change the pathway of a person or persons’ lives. I thought the sensitive way that Belinda Bauer wrote about the family issues which Jack faced after the murder of his mother and the departure of his grieving father was gripping and evoked feelings of empathy for Jack’s character, as although he was “Goldilocks” the burglar, he had only turned to crime as a way to keep his siblings together as a family.

Detective Reynolds & Marvel are polar opposites, which makes for interesting policing methods and entertaining characters, but both detectives have the same end game – to solve those unsolvable crimes.

The twist and turns that fate hands us in life has been well integrated into this story from start to finish and the old saying of “it’s a small world” rings true throughout this book.

This book was easy to read and definitely kept you enthralled with the consequences that life throws at you, certainly a captivating read.

I will be reading another of Belinda Bauer’s books as I have just ordered “Rubbernecker” at my local library. So I will be looking forward to reading and reviewing that soon.