Startrite Girls School Shoes

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Written By Karen

School term time started yesterday for my two, and they both looked fab in their new uniform and shoes.

As my 7 year old daughter waltzed and skipped in through the school gates in her brand new Startrite shoes, I know that not only will her feet be protected from all weathers but the shoes will ensure that her feet stay comfortable troughout the day.

She chose the Emily black leather rip tape shoe. These sturdy shoes will see her through the next couple of terms hopefully, until her feet grow again!!

I’ll let you into a little secret, as a child, I always wore Startrite shoes throughout my pre-school and primary school years and I did thank my parents for it – I just wished I’d carried on buying good quality shoes during my teens and twenties to continue their good choices!! Anyhow, I digress…….

I’ve been a constant buyer of Startrite shoes since both my son (whose almost 12 now) and daughter could walk. I love the strength and durability of the soft leather, the fit (both children have a wide fitting of H and G) and of course the fact that they are so well made.

I know the shoes at Startrite may seem a little pricey but the fact that they last so well and keep their shape is worth it.

Both kids love playing football at breaktime, and although the shoes may get a little scuffed at the front, I pop on some polish and they look like new again! Guess that just goes to show the quality of the leather used.

Emily Black Leather School Shoe
Emily Black Leather School Shoe
My daughter’s shoes cost £41.00 plus postage, but she was able to wear them straight away, with no “wearing them in to soften the leather” bother.

We opted for the leather rather than patent due to her sporting nature, scratches and scuffs are easier to keep clean on leather rather than patent in my opinion.

With Startrite shoes I always find that my children’s feet outgrow them first, rather than the shoes falling apart and becoming unwearable.

Only once I bought a cheaper pair of shoes to see them through the last few weeks of Summer term, and needless to say they did not last long and it had been a waste of money.

So my mantra is “Buy good shoes”! Yes you have to pay that little bit extra but your children and their feet will thank you for it, especially as their feet are still growing and developing at their tender ages.

Well worth it !! 🙂