The American Crusade by Mark Spivak Book Review

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Written By Karen

I decided to read a completely different genre of book this week called The American Crusade by Mark Spivak.  This is a fictional story about America’s government and how they deal with a major attack from Islamic terrorists on American soil.

Mark Spivak has written many books and is a well renowned and award winning author.  The American Crusade is his first book in the political thriller category, and what a winner!  He has also recently written a new political thriller named Impeachment.

When I first started this book, it was like reading about America’s recent history. Apart from the changes to the names and dates, the similarities of the characters and events were definitely reminiscent of those known as America’s past politicians and attacks.

The American Crusade Political Thriller book cover

The book begins with details of terrorist attacks on America, killing 3,000 people and therefore, it was a reminder of the atrocities of the 9/11 attacks.

However, this story focuses mainly on Vice President Robert Barton Hornsby.  Detailing his manipulative manner, his ruthlessness and how he doesn’t care who he drags down or hurts along the way as he believes his way is the best way forward for America in their recent battle.

Hornsby’s campaign against the evil attacks start to come apart, when he goes way beyond the law to get what he wants.

The other American characters in this book are portrayed as weaker following the guidance of the Vice President even though they know what and how he is doing things are sometimes unlawful and callous.

The author has also tried to throw a light on how the Islamic state dealt with retaliation attacks from America which is quite intriguing too.

I was slightly confused at first about the author’s introduction regarding the Fourth Crusade from 700 years ago.  However, when he started to liken it to Hornsby’s crusade, I came to realise how clever the comparisons between different eras were.  Detailing some of the same issues and mistakes made all those years ago had certainly made this part of the book unique.

Also, the details of the behind the scenes workings and conspiracy theories of American politics were rather enlightening, especially as I have started taking more interest in politics over the past couple of years.

The American Crusade was such an exciting and easy to follow read, much in the same way I enjoy watching television shows of the same ilk.

I was surprised by how intrigued I was to the many different sides to this book.   It was certainly an enjoyable read and did make me think how much of it was fiction or non-fiction!

I’d like to thank the author and TCK Publishing for gifting me a copy of this book in return for me providing an honest review.