The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides Book Review

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Written By Karen

I have been looking for a book to intrigue me and The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides certainly did that.

I’ve read a few books lately that not really gripped my mind. However, with this book I wanted to read the whole thing in one go, as it was a real page turner. Even my 15 year old son enjoyed this one.

The Silent Patient by Alex MichaelidesNo spoilers here, but the two main characters Alicia Berenson and Theo Faber are seemingly mentally unstable. I was transfixed by the way the author used their complexities to create this intriguing and twist turning thriller.

The basis of this amazing psychological thriller is of a woman’s act of violence against her husband. Followed by a therapist who is obsessed with uncovering her motive and silence.

I love the way the author has drawn you in to like certain characters like Gabriel, Kathy, Jean-Felix and Diomedes. Only to turn the story around and make you rethink your first thoughts. I also love the way the author makes you believe that some of the two character’s situations are taking place at the same time – which they are not.

The way Alex Michaelides has incriminated the other characters in this book along the way. Just keeps you guessing about the “who dunnit” answer until the end – which I love.

Alicia and Theo’s upbringings were similar, but they handled their pain differently. I guess that’s why one character’s silence is another characters gain.

If you love a story that makes you want to finish the book in one sitting, then pick up a copy of The Silent Patient as quickly as you can!!

I just hope that Alex Michaelides continues to write novels and not just screen plays. I would certainly read another one of his books in a heartbeat.

Having read somewhere online that this book might have been sold to an Oscar winning producer to be made into a film, I would definitely be first in the queue to watch that movie.