Those boots were made for walking

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Written By Karen

As Autumn rolls into winter, and the weather becomes chillier, it’s time to purchase your new winter boots. Whether you are looking for an ankle, mid-calf or knee high boot, there is certainly a huge choice of styles, colours and heel heights to choose from.

I know that our first priority when purchasing our winter boots should be for function as opposed to fashion, as we all like to keep our feet warm, cosy and dry, especially from all the rain and if we are lucky enough, snow. However, this season sees that we can be fashionable aswell as functional.

You will want to look for a winter boot style that is going to complement your winter outerwear wardrobe and also flatter your personality. If you like a classic look then select neutral tones, like black, brown or grey. However, if you want to make a more bolder statement, then go crazy with your winter boot colors and select bold options like electric blue or candy apple red.

The knee high riding boot seems really popular this season. Depending on the kind of look you are going for, and what you intend to wear on your lower half, I think the contrasting block style riding boot in black and tan brown is a really good mix. Just make sure that the boot fits the contour of your leg, especially if you are wearing a skirt.

The boots that i’ve been looking at this year, have added little extras to give them a vintage and fashionable feel, from buckles, studs to distressed leather and a laced up effect. So you can look stylish and chic all through winter, whatever the weather or your outerwear.