Wallis Aztec Tile Dress

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Written By Karen

Well I was lucky on my shopping trip to town this week after all, as I managed to find myself a couple of bargains in the discount sale at Debenhams.

One of the pieces I bought was this Wallis tunic dress which I had fallen in love with online a few months back.

Wallis-Aztec-DressI thought I’d wait and see if I could get it on offer in the Christmas sales, and luckily I did!!

Granted there was only a 20% discount, but as I always say, “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”.

This gorgeous dress is made from a mix of polyester and elastene, so it sits snugly to my curves without being clingy.

I love the unusual Aztec tile design in black, beige, white and grey, and although it’s a “busy” dress, the pattern is not overpowering due to the neutral colours that blend well together.

As you can see from the photo, the dress has a lovely round scoop neckline, three quarter length sleeves and falls neatly just above my knees – ideal for me being 5ft 6″.

It was debatable whether I would get the dress as I’m usually a jeans and boots girl, but I thought I could wear this dress no matter what season, as it’s such a versatile dress.

So I decided to get it and now that I’ve brought it home, I realise that this dress can be worn with boots and jacket in the Autumn/Winter or with sandals in the Spring/Summer, so I know I will get plenty of wear out of it, after all.

The dress was originally £45.00, but with the 20% discount it was reduced down to £36.00, a small bargain and worth it 😉

I’m enjoying this new phase of trying new clothing pieces to update my wardrobe from jeans and plain jumpers, and not be afraid to experiment with new shapes and patterns and even items (dresses instead of jeans!)

A small step in gaining some of my pre-mum confidence, albeit a dress size or two bigger!!

At the moment, Wallis are currently holding a 70% discount sale on selected items online and I’ve just had to click a few bargains, I’ll let you know how I get on once they arrive.