Women’s Dunlop Canvas Trainers

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Written By Karen

My 9 year daughter loves comfort when it comes to clothes and footwear – her first choice will always be football kit, training kit and trainers!

So apart from her Marks and Spencer white floral sandals I needed to get her some shoes to replace her Skechers Twinkle Toes trainers as they were getting too small.

She’d always fancied my navy blue converse trainers and being an adult size 5, and scarily she almost fits into them (me being a size 6!).

However, I came across these Dunlop canvas trainers at Sports Direct which looked perfect for her, plus paying £14.99 instead of £44.99 was a huge bonus.

Dunlop Canvas Trainers

When I chose the Dunlop trainers, my daughter wasn’t with me, so I tried a size 5 and they were too big for me, so I sized down to a Size 4, these just fitted me, so I knew they would be fine for her. So do try before you buy, I would size down if I bought a pair as they are a generous size.

If I’m honest the only difference I could see between the two pairs of canvas trainers was the Dunlop trainer felt a bit heavier because the sole is thicker than those on the Converse. Obviously the name tag on the back is different too, otherwise they are similar.

Girls Canvas TrainerMy daughter was so chuffed to receive these canvas trainers, even saying “Mammy you should get a pair, they are so comfortable”!

Praise indeed from a fussy 9 year old 😉

She’s worn these canvas trainers a few times now, and finds that her feet stay comfy all day, with the added bonus that she can even kick a soft football around in then – thankfully I’d taken photos of the trainers before that occurred!

I might even be encouraged to buy a pair for myself if I’m honest as they look and feel so similar to the Converse pairs I have.

In fairness to Dunlop, they have a great range of colours available too, from red and grey to black and white, even some floral patterned pairs to name but a few.

Teal Dunlop Canvas Trainer

These kinds of canvas trainers will mix and match so well with a multitude of clothing, from jeans and capri pants to summer sports dresses and shorts.

And if you are quick enough Sports Direct have an even better discount on the Dunlop Canvas Trainers with some being as low as £11.50 and £13.00 – bargain.

What a great way to see you through some summer days in comfort.