Womens High Heel Occasion Shoes

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Written By Karen

Party season is fast approaching and when you are looking for the perfect occasional wear dress, jumpsuit or skirt ensemble you should keep in mind what stunning and striking pair of shoes you want to mix and match with them.

Emma is a great friend of mine and she is a shoeholic, so when she plans an outfit she starts with the shoes and works her outfit around them – an odd thing? maybe, but with so many different styles, colours and patterns on shoes these days, I can understand her way of thinking.

She’s chosen a few key pieces from Office Shoes to help you along your way as they have a wide range of designer high heeled courts or sandals and some really way out super on trend mega amazing party shoes to choose from.

To start with Emma chose two pairs of shoes that will easily mix and match with varying outfits and will see you through the party season in style and chic elegance.

Strobe Strappy Point Petrol Hologram Shoe
Office Occasion Wear Shoes

She opted for these Strobe strappy point petrol hologram patent leather court shoe.

They feature a sharp pointed toe, with a three strap petite buckle detail and an 11.3cm stiletto heel to finish.

With the multi coloured patent leather, these shoes will highlight any colour in your outfits as they reflect and give the illusion of matching each piece perfectly.

Reannon High Heel Shoe
Ted Baker Reannon High Heel Shoe
Alternatively, if you love the look of a sandal but want it more in season, why not try these Ted Baker Reannon high heel pair.

They feature a mesh covering in between the straps, and can be worn through the festive season as a sophisticated sandal effect shoe.

As they are a plain black they will easily match all outfits with grace and sophistication.

Now this is where Emma really comes into her element with the unusual & unique shoes that are not only extraordinary but a great talking point. The Irregular Choice range are one of her favourite collections.

Cherry Deer Heel
Irregular Choice Cherry Deer Heel

Emma loves to make a statement with her shoes, and so she has chosen the Cherry Deer pair and Drusha Peeptoe Cut Out wedge as her two preferred pieces.

The Cherry Deer as you can see features a black rounded toe court shoe with quirky printed ‘Bambi’ style deers on the uppers, a twin cherry charm at the front and the exquisitly detailed deer shaped heel.

An absolutely unique and individually designed shoe that should be worn with confidence for a great “ice breaker” conversation.

Drusha Peeptoe Cut Out Shoe
Irregular Choice Drusha Peeptoe Cut Out Shoe

The other more sedate pair of occasion wear heeled shoes from Irregular Choice are these Drusha Peeptoe Cut Out wedge heels in monochrome coloured patterned shoes.

From the oversized polka dot front bow, to the the extravagent ankle strap detail and curved wedge heel, these mesmorizing and enchanting individualistic shoes are again another talking point.

So if you love to stand out in a crowd or just want a statement pair of killer heels, Office shoes will have something special for you this season.