Womens Low and High Top Converse Trainers

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Written By Karen

Roll on Spring and Summer so you can box away those gorgeous knee high and ankle boots for another season.

And get ready to pop on a pair of simple everyday Low or High Top Converse trainers to see you through the transitional season. Cloggs offer a vast collection to choose from in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Converse  All Star Ox Black Hardware
Cloggs – Converse All Star Ox Black Hardware

Personally, I love a bit of bling so the black All Star Ox low top Converse trainer ticks all the right boxes for me.

They have been created in a textured black canvas upper with the traditional white rubber toecap, surround and sole, but my favourite bit is the added silver stud heel bling feature.

That really does just makes me fall in love with these funky little beauties even more, and being black they will mix and match easily with every outfit in my wardrobe.

Converse All Star Ox White Print
Cloggs – Converse All Star Ox White Print
Sticking with a rather contemporary look for Summer, try on a pair of these multicoloured space galaxy print blue mix canvas low top trainers, with contrasting white laces and tradition sole and surround.

These trainers will certainly add a striking splash of colour to more muted and pastel shaded clothing.

Or you could really mix the bag up and clash it with florals or patterned pieces, which is an on trend look again this coming season.

Converse All Star High Top Trainers White Lux
Cloggs – Converse All Star High Top Trainers White Lux
If you want to enjoy a more traditional and iconic Converse All Star trainer, then opt for these super white High Top trainer with a simple stripe of red and blue along the sole plate and branded logo on the ankle to finish.

These are the ultimate Summer Converse trainer to make a superb fashion statement, whatever you team them with.

It could be your most laid back and relaxed outfit or a funky twist to a formal piece of attire, Converse trainers are a great exception to the rule.

With the multitude of colours and styles available at Cloggs, they make it so easy for you to find the perfect pair (or pairs!) to suit your Spring/Summer wardrobe perfectly.

I’m guessing that once you’ve tried on and worn your first pair of Converse trainers, you, like me, will be falling for them hook, line and sinker and a new collection of footwear will begin to grow in your footwear locker.