Young Children’s Swim Sets

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Written By Karen

Its time to get on those swimsuits and head on down the beach! The kids that is 🙂

There’s no better way to entertain the kids for free than a splash around in the water, whether its the sea, a public lido or outside paddling pool.

Most children love the water, even if its sat at the waters edge letting the waves gently crash around them, and a simple way to keep them safe from harmful UV rays from the sun is by investing in a protective swimsuit, like these Wader swimwear sets from Regatta.

Wader Sunglasses SwimsetWhether its for a boy or girl, there are four different swim sets to choose from.

For girls there is a two toned pink one and an aqua glasses print swim set, which is funky and cool and will really make your little ones smile.

Not only will these swim sets protect your young ones skin but will keep them warm on those breezier summer days also.

For the boys there is a plain two toned blue swimset and this rather jazzy shark print covered swimset.
Wader Shark Print Swimset
Even if your little ones are just playing around in the garden, these swim sets are the perfect outfit.

Because they are made in a separate top and bottom piece, it definitely makes it easier for them to rush off to the toilet, especially as girls have to pull their whole swimming costume down!

So definitely a great buy this Summer and even more so now that Regatta have a 50% sale on a lot of their Summer clothing wear. These Swimsets have been reduced from £25.00 down to £12.50.

So let the young ones run free on the beach or garden this summer, in one of these playful and funky swimsets, knowing their bodies are protected from harmful UV rays is a great plus and the kids will think they look amazing.