A Statement Necklace

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Written By Karen

If I think of the perfect compliment and finishing touch to any outfit my first thought is a statement gem and crystal styled necklace.

These key pieces are a real treasure to behold this season, and the choices of oversized coloured gems mixed with large crystals are a must have piece of costume jewellery.

Metallic Flower Collar
Wallis Accessories – Metallic Flower Collar
There are some sumptuous pieces at Wallis Accessories, that will ensure that your outfit has the perfect finishing touch to add a twist of vintage elegance and style to your outfit that won’t break the Christmas bank balance.

For a striking evening wear piece, I simply adore this statement black, silver and crystal metallic flower necklace.

This necklace will set the tone of your outfit off beautifully with its bold Hollywood vintage glamorous look and style.

The contrasting monochrome toned colours make it an easy piece to match whatever colour your outfit may be.

Statement Ruby Collar
Wallis Accessories – Statement Ruby Collar
The other occasional wear costume piece of jewellery I love is this Ruby red stone mixed with crystal clear rhinestone gems, this statement collar necklace is shown on the right.

It will enhance a Little Black Dress beautifully or compliment a silver grey, navy or even red (as long as it doesn’t clash) outfit.

This statement collar necklace is also available in an Emerald green gem stone, which opens up even more colours and shades of outfits into your wardrobe.

Or make a bolder statment by mixing up the colours completely like wearing the Ruby red necklace with a glittery gold or pewter sequin dress.

Coloured Navette Necklace
Wallis Accessories – Coloured Navette Necklace
The other advantage of a statement necklace is that you can wear a striking piece of jewellery, like this one shown on the left, during the day to liven up a plain knit jumper or top.

I really love this multi coloured Navette necklace, it’s tribal styled floral display designed in bold colours with pretty sparkling crystal detail is surely this season’s must have costume jewellery piece.

It will certainly brighten up any outfit and add a touch of class and elegance to simple everyday wear.

I would wear this piece with my cream or taupe roll neck jumper to really add a new lease of life and sparkle to my old faithful and lovely tops for the coming season.

So there really is no limitations when it comes to wearing a statement necklace, be as bold as you want and as sparkly as you can get, especially during the festive season! It’s a great excuse to add a glitzy and dazzling finish to your Winter outfits, day or night.