Christmas Jumper Day – 16th December 2016

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Written By Karen

One of the best things I enjoy about the build up to Christmas is that you are allowed to look silly and have some fun dressed in an histerically comical Christmas jumper.

Last year saw me wearing a very bright red jumper with Rudolph’s loveable face on it with googly wobbly eyes! Kids thought I’d gone nuts as they chose quite civilised jumpers for themselves.

xmas-elf-jumperAnd whilst you are enjoying the fun of wearing a Christmas jumper you can also put the silliness towards a good cause and raise money for ‘Save the Children’ by organising a fund raising event on the 16th December 2016 , which is National Christmas Jumper day

Thankfully the Christmas jumpers (the novelty type ones at least) that I like, aren’t too expensive. They are more popular now, meaning a lot of the high street stores stock a good range of various styles, colours and novelty patterns for all the family.

This year I’m fancying something even more eye-catching, maybe with a musical or lighting up theme, I’ve seen advertised around, like in Next.

Slowly edging towards the Next cute mens hooded elf jumper shown above, as the ladies jumpers seem quite “nice and pretty” rather than quirky and funny like the mens.

rudolph-jumperI think I would certainly embarress the kids if I dressed in this jumper in public, but I love the fun element of it, especially the “elf ears” that are attached to the hood.

Another favourite is this red light up Rudolph snowboarder jumper, but think this would suit my 12 year son more than me! 😉

It features two motion light sensors and also the extra large red pom pom nose looks hilarious especially with the cheeky reindeer face.

The fabric of these jumpers are made up of a mix of acrylic and wool blends mainly, so be careful how you wash them, especially the music or light up jumpers as some of the LED lights or batteries aren’t water resistant.

xmas-reindeer-jumperMy 8 year old daughter wants to get a quirkier jumper this year, she told me, so I had a look and found this cute pom pom antlered covered Rudolph jumper.

It’s fun and jolly which I think she might like, and Rudolph is her favourite christmas character.

The other fun feature on the front of this jumper is obviously the fact that you can actually feel the fluffy nose and baubles and Rudolph does have a very cute and friendly silly face.

But I also found this fun bluezoo girls’ red flashing lights penguin jumper from Debenhams. It has everything I think my daughter will love. From the cute penguin dressed as a Christmas tree to the pom pom baubles and motion sensored flashing snowflakes. In all honesty, what’s NOT to like about this funny, jolly jumper.

bluezoo-flashing-lights-penguin-jumperSo what will you opt for this Christmas, fun and quirky or simple and sleek? Whatever you choose make sure you have fun and if you are lucky enough to be invited along to a fund raising event, or decide to organise your own, remember you are raising money for a great cause as well as having a fun filled day in your wacky Christmas jumper.