Dunlop Charcoal Grey Canvas Shoe

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Written By Karen

Following on from my blog about my new Adidas Stan Smith trainers – I also wanted a pair of Dunlop charcoal grey canvas shoes like my old navy Converse pair, which I’d worn so much, I’d worn away the soles!!

I’d read about various pairs and when I came across these Dunlop canvas shoes at Sports Direct, I thought I’d give them a go.

Dunlop canvas shoeThey looked exactly like the Converse pair I’d previously bought about 3 years ago, apart from the wording on the back and tongue. They seemed to fit as comfortable as my old pair and I’m pleased to say I saved myself almost £30 as the Dunlop charcoal grey canvas shoe only cost me £14.99.

I opted to buy the charcoal grey pair as I thought they would mix and match with all colours, they are a bit darker than I was hoping for, but I guess they won’t show up the dirt as much as a light grey pair might.

They feature a white rim, sole and toe cap, white laces and white stitching which contrasts ideally with the dark grey shoe. The tongue of the shoe features the Dunlop logo and wording as does the sole of the shoe.

Having worn these shoes twice, I found that they are quite a generous length size and I probably could’ve gone down half a size, although width wise they are fine.

Funnily enough I had the opposite problem with my old Converse canvas shoe, the size 6 just fitted my foot and I was glad that the canvas stretched a bit over a period of time.

Dunlop Grey Canvas ShoeAs I do a lot of walking to and from the school run – about a 2 mile round walk, twice a day – I need a comfy pair of shoes and I’ve found that canvas shoes and trainers are the perfect match.

Although in the Summer term I do enjoy wearing my Les Tropizennes and Rieker sandals, they are not ideal on the cooler Spring morning walks.

So as long as it doesn’t rain, I’m going to look forward to wearing my Dunlop charcoal grey canvas shoe, and if they keep feeling as good as they have the last two times, I might invest in some other colours, because there are plenty to choose from at Sports – so much so that my daughter has already chosen the burgundy pair!!!