Ellie Skinny Legged Jeans

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Written By Karen

Following my blog about my berry zipped trousers earlier this week, I also purchased a new pair of jeans from Wallis.

I ordered a size 14 as again the Ellie skinny jeans are from the Wallis’ petite range.  Luckily these jeans fitted me like a glove just as the berry trousers do.

Ellie Jeans

I always knew I didn’t have long legs so the petite range at Wallis are obviously the perfect choice for me on my lower half.

The Ellie jeans are available in varying dye colours like black, deep indigo and these light indigo pair.   They are made from a mix of cotton and elastane and have a fab bit of stretch in them, which I like in a pair of jeans.

They fit snugly over my derrieré and stomach comfortably, which is a huge plus as I hate it when my jeans sit below my waistline or are too tight to sit down in comfortably.

The leg length is again perfect, just sitting above the ankle, and when I invest in some trainer shoes they should be the perfect combo, just as they are with my ballerina pumps.

I practically live in jeans during the school run week and these will be the perfect pair to just pop on during the hustle and bustle of the morning.

Being a bit fussy, I wasn’t sure if I’d like the frayed “let down” ankle look, but it actually adds a nice twist to them.

Both the berry trouser and midwash Ellie jeans are ultra comfy to wear and fit perfectly, and they are firmly ensconced in my wardrobe and have been worn on a few school runs already.

I really do love the clothing at Wallis, as it fits my body shape well and the clothing is made from such great quality fabric.

I believe a few more shopping trips will be taken at Wallis as they’ve now got a 30% discount sale on their petite clothing boutique range 😉