L’Interdit Parfum by Givenchy

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Written By Karen

Since joining the Debenhams Beauty Club, I have been lucky to pick up 2 different monthly giveaways from the Debenhams store.

The first free gift was the My Clarins Re-charge relaxing sleep mask in August. This was my first treat with Clarins skincare and I wasn’t disappointed. So much so that I’ve bought a larger tube now that I finished my free gift!

Unfortunately I missed out in September, but was lucky to pick up Octobers free gift. It was this gorgeous L’Interdit Eau de Parfum by Givenchy.

Firstly, I was surprised that it was the Eau de Parfum. When buying perfume, I usually opt for the Eau de toilette as it’s not as expensive or as deeply scented.

It’s been a nice change to try out the Eau de Parfum especially as it’s a 10ml bottle not spray.

As for the scent itself, I usually choose a headier, musky perfume like Opium Black, but it’s good to have a lighter more feminine floral fragrance like L’Interdit to try.

When I dab a little of this perfume on it takes me back to summer time, as it has such a vibrant and aromatic vanilla and flowery scent, but still with a hint of musk.

I would wear this scent for daytime wear, as I do like something with a deeper fragrance when going out. However, for an all day perfume, this is simply beautiful.

The dainty shape of the thick glass bottle has a modern twist to it, but keeps the 4G logo in tacked, just adding a sweet black ribbon to wrap around the neck of the bottle. I also love the little glass pull out stop for a true retro look.

So whether it’s a gift for yourself, Mum or girlfriend, this is a safe and great choice of perfume. Simply perfection.

So again Thank You Debenhams Beauty Club! If you’re not a member then it’s certainly worth joining. Not just for the bonus of the free gifts, but all the forums and beauty ideas too.