Lipsy Glasses Frames for Girls

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Written By Karen

Well the day finally came last year when my daughter also needed glasses 🙁

As I have had to wear glasses since I was little, I have always taken my children to Boots opticians regularly from the age of 3 years old.

Previously, they both followed their father perfect eyesight and had strong 20/20 vision. Unfortunately, after an eye infection, it showed up that my daughter’s right eye had slightly deteriorated and we were advised to get her some glasses.

This should help prevent her eye from worsening and not weaken the left eye, which still has perfect vision.

Just like the day we found out my son needed prescription glasses, which I wrote about earlier this month, I also wasn’t sure how my daughter would react but typically, her first question was – “can I still play football and will I need sports glasses.”

I suppose as she sees me wearing glasses day in day out, it’s not such a shock. In fact, she was quite excited to look like Mammy! 🙂

Lipsy Girls GlassesSo we had a look around the children’s frames at Boots Opticians and she immediately loved these Lipsy 204T Kids’ Black Glasses.

She loves the fact that they are black, like mine, and she adores the leopard print on the outside of the arm, with the flashy fuchsia pink on the inside arm of the frames.

As they are plastic frames they have a lightweight feel, which is perfect for my little girl. They sit comfortable on the bridge of her nose and behind her ears.

My daughter has been great wearing her glasses all the time, with no hassle, and actually she finds it strange now when she takes them off to play football and partake in sports at school.

Lipsy Girls Glasses FrameEven a friend at school asked my daughter where she got her glasses as she’d been told she needed glasses too and wanted them to be the same 🙂

The glasses are a sturdy and solid pair of frames, which are just girly enough without being too pretty, which is just perfect for my daughter and hopefully the fact that she’s wearing these glasses throughout the day, we are hoping that will ensure her vision stays strong in the coming years.

So, by having your children take regular eye tests, it is the easiest way to detect any problems with their eyes whilst they are still young.