Dunlop Prescription Glasses

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Written By Karen

Last year was a busy one over at at Boots Opticians for my family!

Not only have I replaced my Radley Lauren glasses, Vogue sunglasses and Acuvue contact lenses, but after having his annual eye test my 14 year old son was told that he needed distance glasses as his eyes have deteriorated since his last visit in 2016.

This means he has gone from having perfect 20/20 to being slightly short sighted 🙁

Not a great day, as I was hoping that both children would follow their Dad with his perfect eyesight. However, my son was not too upset and we went about looking for a pair of sturdy, trendy and wearable glasses for him.

Mens Dunlop Glasses Front

Boots Opticians have a great range of glasses for men, and after trying on various colours, frame styles and brands, my son opted for a pair of rectangle black metal frames with red arms from the Dunlop range.

As soon as he wore them he said they felt comfortable and not too big on his face, as some of the wayfarer styles had done previously.

He liked the weight of the metal frames over the plastic frames and he also liked the fact that these glasses had flexible arms, always a must have, I believe.

Mens Dunlop Glasses Frame

He mainly wears them in school and watching TV or playing the dreaded PS4! Thankfully he’s very aware that he needs to look after his eyes, so we don’t have to nag him (much) to wear his new glasses.

Thankfully the stigma of wearing glasses in school has lessened so much since I was a youngster and had to wear them at the age of 10!

I believe there is definitely an increase in younger people having problems with their eyes these days and I do think that part of the blame is on a lifestyle culture of mobile phones, Ipads and computers being used daily.

Not that I’m complaining about the electronic systems we use – as I use mine daily too – but it seems that children are getting younger and younger using these machines. I think time constrictions should always be put in place by parents, otherwise it will surely impact on a child’s eyesight.

Anyhow, thankfully for my son it is a mild decrease in his distant vision – and although it’s more than likely to be hereditary in his case, I do think some of the PS4 games he plays are tough on the eyes, and this hasn’t helped with his eyesight.

My son used to complain about how strict we were on the length of time he’s allowed on electronic based machines, but he can now see why we enforce the restrictions.

I can only hope that with wearing his glasses regularly, his eyes won’t deteriorate any further.

So thanks again to our local Boots Opticians branch in Swansea for the care and valuable advice that they gave us.