Tog 24 Mens Zenon Hooded Winter Jacket Review

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Written By Karen

Following his new found love of clothes, my son needed a new Winter coat and he was quite specific in what he liked, which in the long run is much easier.

He really liked the idea of a lightweight duck feather and down jacket, as it wasn’t too bulky but would still keep him warm and dry.

After looking online at various sights, we went on a little shopping jaunt to the city, where he tried a few on for shape and size.

Tog24-Zenon-Winter-JacketThat’s when he decided on this Tog 24 navy Zenon down hooded jacket from Debenhams.

I must admit I quite fancy it myself as it as a lovely soft feel and although it is quilted, it has a lightweight yet warm texture without the bulk.

He wears his coat mainly to school, so being so lightweight and flexible it fits neatly into his bag during the day when he doesn’t need it. It doesn’t crease, so that when he pops it on to walk home it looks fine.

It has kept him warm and dry throughout the Winter and is continuing to do so during this cold snap.

Even on warmer days this jacket is great to wear as he doesn’t overheat in it, so the inners of this duck feather and down jacket really is the best in gauging the right body temperature.

The other advantage of this coat is that it can be machine washed, and being lightweight it doesn’t take long to dry.

This jacket normally retails at £160, but thankfully it was half price (and still is) in Debenhams.

It is definitely worth the money as it has kept my son warm and dry throughout the past few months, especially as he walks to and from school which is around a 2 mile walk.

I have spotted a ladies version of this coat, but I think my son would have a fit if I ended up with the same coat as him! Back to the drawing board for me 😉