Look What You Made Me Do by Nikki Smith Book Review

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Written By Karen

As you know by now, I love a great suspense psychological thriller book and Look What you Made Me Do by Nikki Smith is the perfect read for me.

This is the author’s second novel following her debut book All In Her Head which was only released in April 2020, and one which I have now added to my reading wish list!

Look What You Made Me Do is a story about a long standing family feud between two sisters, Jo and Caroline and this book definitely takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level.

Look What You Made Me Do Nikki Smith

With the death of their father, the sisters are faced with one dilemma after another whilst dealing with hidden and dark secrets in their own separate lives outside of the business.

Their father’s business which Jo helped to build up to be a very successful one has been left to her in her father’s will, by-passing her mother and sister Caroline.  This is where the story becomes really interesting and chilling.

A gripping and captivating struggle between the families commences along with many emotional twists and turns that definitely makes this book very hard to put down.

Caroline is married to a power hungry husband called Rob, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, mainly money and power, as well as keeping control over everything and everyone around him. A very dominate and spine chilling character.

Whereas Jo is married to an easy-going, yet mysterious man named Paul.  Throughout you are made to believe that Paul is being unfaithful to Jo and there is certainly something he’s not telling her.  But as is with all secrets, the truth comes out in the end.

This book has it all, from eerie conspiracies, chilling surprises, thought provoking incidents to heart wrenching emotions.  The characterisations were both compassionate and insightful especially as the sisters were not only grieving for the passing of their Dad but dealing with other issues as well.

The traumas both sisters suffered over the years, is alluded to throughout the book, with each sister interpreting their own version of events differently.  As the story develops you can see that the sisters begin to understand the true extent of what each of them had gone through and that’s when they start to build the bridge with an emotionally charged reconciliation.

I really loved all the detail that the writer Nikki Smith included in this book.  It was such an exciting and intriguing read, which kept my attention throughout.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for providing me with an advanced reader copy to review before its publication date on 1st April 2021.