Marks and Spencer Buckle Riding Boots

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Written By Karen

Further to my post of 15th October 2014 about knee high boots, I finally found a pair (or two) that not only fit over my curvy calves but are amazingly comfortable. They mix and match well with jeans and jeggings as well as the occasional casually worn knitted or tunic style dress.

The boots in question are the Buckle Riding Boots from Marks and Spencer and are available under their new addition collection in a deep brown or black shade.

Buckle Riding Boot
Marks & Spencer Buckle Riding Boot
I wanted brown or tan flat boots and these fitted the criteria I was looking for. I stumbled across them in M&S whilst out and about looking for Christmas gifts and must admit they instantly fitted like a glove.

Needless to say they have been worn again and again in pure comfort whilst keeping me warm and dry.

You see, I’ve always had a slight problem with knee high boots off the high street, as my calves are a bit on the curvy side and therefore I struggle to close the zips more than half way.

I’ve tried various pairs from other reputable companies, but they seem to be either too wide in the foot or lower leg giving them a creased look.

Marks and Spencer Black-Buckle-Boots
As they are not leather and cost only £49.50, I was sceptical as to how they would hold up in the downpours of rain we’ve had over the passed few weeks, but needless to say, they have kept my feet as ‘snug as a bug in a rug’.

A little about the boots now, they are made from a soft mock leather upper in a flat riding boot style. The brown pair have brass buckles and brown strap detail at the knee and ankle, whilst the black pair have contrasting grey stitch detail and silver buckles with black straps.

The straps help to disguise the discreet elasticated back panel and elasticated stretch zip. These elasticated panels allow the boot to fit comfortably over my curvy calves without being too glaringly obvious.

The boot has a rounded toe with a low 25mm block heel, the brown boot has a slightly worn look which adds a little vintage style to them whilst the black looks classy with its soft touch black fabric.

Marks and Spencer Black-Buckle-Boots-Stretch-Panel
As for the science bit,  the boot features an Insolia Flex® which ensures that walking in flats is substantially more comfortable as your foot fits perfectly in the shoe. Subsequently this improves the natural rotational movement of the ball of the foot offering you extreme comfort all day long and the soles are highly recommended by the UK College of Podiatry.

Having worn my brown boots so much during December I wondered whether I should buy the black pair as well, as I’m of the understanding that if something fits well, then stick to it, especially when it comes to shoes, boots or sandals.

So just after Christmas I patiently waited for the sales, unfortunately the boots didn’t come on offer, but I decided that as they were originally such a great price anyhow, (£49.50)  I would go ahead and get them, thankfully they still had plenty of stock.

So, now I have the best of both worlds, as some of my coloured jeans/jeggings didn’t really match the brown boots as well as my new black pair. Both pairs of boots look fab with my old and new wardrobe pieces and they are keeping me, my feet and calves very happy, warm and dry.

I really can’t praise these boots enough, as they have given me confidence knowing I can wear knee high boots again without strangling my legs into them. The fact that I no longer have to struggle with zips that cut into my fingers, or try to squash and pinch my curvy calves in all manner of ways and shapes to zip them up, certainly brings a wonderful smile to my face.

So from having a constant argument with myself about the shape of my legs and no knee high boots to fit correctly, I’m now the proud owner of two pairs of cosy and well fitted pairs of boots at a very affordable price.

I think I will give myself a great big pat on the back knowing that not only can I enjoy bringing my fashion status bang up to date but also don’t have to spend a fortune for the privilage. 

So well done Marks and Spencer your well fitted boots for curvy calves and legs are all round winner for me and my core winter footwear wardrobe.