Mens Slim Fit Jeans

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Written By Karen

Had a bit of a fashion dilemma for my 13 year old son recently.

I hadn’t realised just quite how tall he’d gone until we started packing for a weekend break, when I asked him to try on his jeans to see which looked the tidiest and three out of his four pairs were above the ankle – not a cool look!

Slim Fit Teal JeansHe’s at that awkward stage between adulthood and childhood, where he’s like a tall thin beanpole! (he’s already 5ft 8″!)

His size 14-15 year old jeans were just too short so after measuring him, I went hunting online for size 28R jeans in a slim or skinny fit (as requested).

Finally we settled on a few pairs that we both liked on Next and even better they were in the clearance sale link

Slim Fit Dark Wash Jeans With Stretch £18.00
Skinny Ink Jeans With Stretch £16.00
Slim Fit Teal Wash Jeans With Stretch £14.00
Leather Pocket Jeans £22.00

So I clicked the add to basket quickly and had them delivered to store, as thought that would be faster than depending on the postal delivery.

Within two days I was off to my local Next store and picking up his hopefully new jeans ready for the weekend.

Unfortunately though, both the leather pocket jeans and the skinny ink jeans with stretch could barely get over his size 10 feet or his calfs comfortably, so they were a definite No-No!!

Then he tried on the slim fit teal and dark wash pairs of jeans and thank goodness they were both a great fit with room to move and grow – and the rate he seems to be growing he’ll need that extra leg length!

slim fit dark wash jeansAt the moment the jeans have two thin roll ups at the ankle – which is quite trendy thankfully!

At least he was sorted for our family weekend away.

These jeans are great as they are made from a super stretch denim fabric, which makes them a really comfortable fit, especially whilst we were sat in the car for our 4 hour journey.

Both jeans were over half price on the clearance sale page, which was ideal for me as I know that these jeans are not going to last the year out, as he seems to be growing an inch every couple of months!

Plus he can get away with wearing these jeans with his converse, skechers or astro turfs which are his normal footwear. So happy days all around.

Guess I’d better check the rest of his wardrobe to see what fits him in there, as I’m sure some of his t-shirts will be more like cropped tops this summer! 😉