Metallic Clothing

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Written By Karen

How can you brighten up your everyday look without going over the top? I love the way a big slouchy metallic threaded jumper can really spark a contrast when worn with jeans or leggings. It gives it that luxe yet grunge look. And when paired with boots, a leather jacket and a knitted metallic beret, this really completes the look, and an added bonus, it keeps you warm.

As for a night time look, you can exaggerate the sparkle and go as crazy as you want. Metallic’s always work so well on wintry pieces, how about teaming big chunky knits with metallic threads and a pair of sequinned shorts and metallic nail polishes.

You can use it as a accent by pairing a pair of embellished shorts with a oversized black jumper or even adding a metallic peter pan collar to a simple t-shirt. This just oozes autumn winter cosiness with that luxe edge.

As the Christmas season of parties is fast approaching, why not accessorize an outfit in your wardrobe, by adding the on trend metallic shoes in either silver, gold or pewter, with a matching metallic clutch bag, you’ll have the pizazz you want to stand out from the crowd.

Here are just a small selection of metallic clothing items for you to start planning your winter wardrobe.