Nike Core Motion Black Trainers

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Written By Karen

Well this summer my 8 year daughter managed to make a great big gaping hole in her trainers – granted they were 10 months old – so not bad going. However, that meant the extra expense of buying new ones before school term started – along with the obligatory black school shoe.

nike-core-motion-mesh-trainerIn fairness, she does wear alot of her trainers due to the amount of football and outdoor activities she enjoys, so I wanted to ensure that she had a proper, supportive pair to kick around in.

She really loves her Nike Football boots and Astro Turf trainers, and I know they fit her foot well, that meant the obvious choice of trainer was Nike, which was what she wanted as well.

Having a rather big foot for an 8 year old (she measures a 4-4.5), I decided to size up and ordered a size 5. Trainers tend to be a slimmer and smaller fit than a leather shoe. I’m glad I did, as they fit her well, with some room to grow.

We opted for the a black Nike Core Motion Mesh Ladies Trainers and my daughter was more than happy with them. They are lightweight, which helps when she is carrying her gym bag back and fore to school, but also and more importantly, she said they felt comfortable from the first time she wore them.

We got ours from Sports Direct shop, as we needed them quickly, but Brantano stock some similar pairs at a discounted price.

With Nike trainers you know that you are going to get a solid, supportive piece of footwear and theseNike ore Motion Mesh Black Trainer with their cushioned soles. They really are the perfect pair for our really sporty little ones every growing and changing feet.