Rieker “Wave” Sandals

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Written By Karen

Is it too early to start thinking of sandals? Probably, but since I bought these black Rieker “wave” sandals in an “end of the range sale” recently, I wanted to tell you all about them.

I know it’s too soon in the season to wear sandals, but with the sunshine we’ve had lately, it got me in the mood to start rearranging my wardrobe, bringing Spring and Summer pieces to the forefront and slowly packing away my winter woolies.

These black Rieker ‘Wave’ sandals are from last season’s stock, but I have to say as soon as I tried them on, they fitted just like a glove, offering pure comfort for my feet.

Rieker Wave SandalSo I really am willing the weather to heat up so that I can wear them out and about, rather than around the house.

The Rieker sandals are made from a suede/leather stretch fabric which expands around your foot shape perfectly without restriction.

I love the multi leather strap with the pretty gold wave design detail embroidered on the central panel.

The gold adds a touch of class to an otherwise everyday understated sandal.

These sandals have a 5.5cm wedge sole which makes them perfect for wearing with cropped trousers, dresses or even shorts for everyday wear or even for a casual evening outfit.

Although these sandals have sold out from Debenhams (where I managed to buy them in the sale) they do have plenty of other Rieker sandals available, in many different colours, designs and models.

Beige Gold SandalI also love the grey ‘Jewel’ ring trim flat sandal shown here and the beige ‘Gold’ sandal.

I might just wait for another sale or discount code before I purchase one of these, hopefully I won’t have to wait too long, as Debenhams seem to have quite a few sales/discount days lately.

The ultimate comfort and durability that my Rieker sandals offer is amazing, it almost feels like I’m wearing my slippers!

So roll on Summer and let’s hope the sun keeps shining throughout, to let me enjoy wearing my new stylish sandals in all their glory.