Sensationail Gel Polish and Starter Kits

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Written By Karen

I have struggled for years with brittle and bumpy nails that would split easily, and was always envious of women who seemed to have strong beautifully manicured nails.

Then a friend of mine painted my nails with Sensationail Gel Polish, and although my nails were a bit stumpy and bumpy the polish seemed to flatten them out and the colour stayed on for almost 2 weeks.

Mauve Maven
Mauve Maven

Plus it stopped me from picking or playing with my nails, which is a bad habit I’ve had since childhood. I really didn’t want to spoil my fabulously manicured nails!

When the gel polish finally started to lift, they were quite easy to peel off thankfully. I noticed that my nails had grown longer and stronger and definitely less bumpy and ridged. 🙂

A month later with a corporate evening event to look forward to, my good friend once again offered to “paint my nails”.

I definitely took her up on her offer and again I was amazed at the difference the Royal Ruby gel polish made to my nails. The smooth shiny finish given to my nails was stunning, and I was happily complimented by other friends around the dinner table as I ate my scrumptious meal.

Royal Ruby
Royal Ruby

So with all the pros and only one con, I decided to invest in my own Sensationail Starter Kit and haven’t looked back.

Considering I was not the most girly of girls, painting my nails seemed a luxury that took time to prepare etc, but the procedure was so quick and easy, due to the Pro 3060 LED nail lamp drying them out and protecting the nail and polish, that now it takes less than an hour to paint toes and fingernails.

Also, because the polish lasts around two weeks, it’s not a weekly job or even more often with some nail polishes, to try and fit into a busy schedule.

Thankfully there was an offer with Sensationail, whereby you bought the starter kit and got two free colour nail polishes, along with the top and base coat, gel primer, gel cleanser, lint free wipes, double sided nail buffer and a manicure stick.

Pink Daisy
Pink Daisy

The cost of all this came to £49.99, which I think is a bargain.

I checked out the price of the local beauty salon and each time you go to have your nails painted it costs around £23-£25.

So with just two sessions at the beauty salon and I would have spent the same amount!

Throughout the Summer I alternated between the 2 free colours I chose – Coral Sunset and Pink Daisy, on finger and toe nails and each time I painted my nails the quicker, easier and tidier they looked.

So having enjoyed a Summer of unchipped bright nails, I chose two new shades for Winter, for everyday use I chose Mauve Maven, a neutral light dusky pink/light cappucinno shade and for the festive party season, I opted for Sugar Plum, a rich dark plum/aubergine shade, although I think this colour looks great day or night.

Having tried both out, and been complemented on both shades equally, I know I made the right choices.

Blue Yonder
Blue Yonder

As I want to add to my dark nail shade collection I asked for some more colours for my birthday and chose Blue Yonder, a deep navy blue glossy shade, Plum Couture which is a shimmery deep purple and finally Dusk Til Dawn a really deep dark red glossy gel nail shade.

However with the coming Summer season I am looking forward to experimenting with glitter and vibrant shades, like Tropical Punch, Island Oasis or Dizzy Daisy, but for now I’m playing it safe.

I have to admit that this Sensationail kit has to be one of the best purchases I have made lately. Not only do I not need to run to my friend every couple of months, but I get to have beautifully manicured nails whenever I want.

Dizzy Daisy
Dizzy Daisy

I can also offer to return the manicure favours to my friend with colours she does not have.

They have stregthened my nails and almost cured my bumpy, ridged thumb nails too. I do find it tedious to remove the polish, but there is kit to help, and I think that will be the next purchase, along with those Summer infused colours.

My only regret is that I wish I had taken the plunge to buy this kit years ago, but as I always say – better late than never 🙂