Womens Converse All Star Trainers

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Written By Karen

Last year saw me change my attitude towards what I thought I could and couldn’t wear, and I am subsequently enjoying a slow but sure revival in my wardrobe, after having made some difinitive decisions and decluttered my wardrobe.

Having been a stay at home mum since my early 30’s and now working from home in my 40’s I haven’t needed to, or had the time to, think about my wardrobe much, but now I realise that it is important to me personally, that I take an interest in how I look, even if it’s just the school run or shopping.

Converse Navy TrainerHence, I have regained my interest in some easy wearing fashion pieces, just like my new navy blue Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Mono Ox Trainers.

We’d booked a short break, so I knew I needed some comfy shoes to wear for travelling and walking. I’d bought some cheaper trainer shoes last year, which I wore the soles out on, so decided this year that my feet deserved something to last with extra comfort and protection.

As these were my first pair, I went for a neutral navy blue colour which meant they would be easy to style with most things within my newly decluttered wardrobe.

I waited for my new trainers to arrive, and when this narrow Converse box turned up I was more than happy to see my lovely new Converse shoes inside.

Popping them onto my feet I realised that I had found the perfect casual walking companions for my somewhat awkward feet.

I first wore the Converse trainers during the car journey, and usually my feet get cold whilst we are travelling but they kept my feet comfortably warm.

My trainers were worn with a few different outfits on our break and it was a case of “I really need to get out of these Converse shoes now and where something else, before they become attached to my feet for good”!! but they were so comfy they felt like I was wearing slippers all day long.

So I can honestly say that these are a great pair of versatile trainer shoes, perfect for wearing at home or away, they do weigh a bit heavier than a ballerina pump and obviously not as pretty, but for me as someone who enjoys walking whenever possible instead of taking the car, they are a great addition to my footwear closet.

Red Converse TrainerThe problem is, I’m a bit hooked now, and I already have my eye on a pair of super hot red, calming grey, and a Summery yellow pair – Converse what have you done to me!! 🙂

If you haven’t already tried a pair, I can assure you that once you’ve tried one pair, you will not be disappointed and you will be converted like me to the queen of fashion trainers – Converse!